RRB ALP Result 2018

RRB ALP Result 2018 may have been accidentally released by Railway Recruitment Board via a message which may or may not have been intended only for qualified candidates. Also, a notice on RRB Bilaspur official website has similar content regarding 1st stage result of RRB ALP 2018.

The message indicates that candidate, who has received the message, has qualified 1st stage CBT and board gave a final chance to him/her until 23 Oct 2018 to fill preferences. The message explicitly states, ‘You have secured the qualifying mark in the 1st stage CBT.’. If this is not a typo, then it clearly means that those who have received this message have qualified RRB ALP CBT 1!

Message in question

A few days ago, a few candidates received an SMS that read ‘Dear Candidate, You have secured the qualifying mark in the 1st stage CBT and you had been advised to fill the options for RRB, Post Preferences and Exam Trade before 23.59 hrs of 21-10-2018. However, you have not submitted these details. You are being given one the final opportunity for submitting these details before 23.59 hrs of 23-10-2018 failing which your candidature will not be considered for further stages of CEN 01/2018. Please also refer e mail sent on registered email ID for further details.’ See screenshot below.

RRB ALP Result 2018
source: an image posted by an RRB ALP and Technician 2018 candidate on facebook (social media).

Notification by RRB Bilaspur

At the same time, a new notification was cited at official website of RRB Bilaspur, rrbbilaspur.gov.in. The process of reaching that notification is three-step.

First one has to go to rrbbilaspur.gov.in. Then link with text ‘CEN No. 01/2018 (For the post of ALP & Technicians) (Click Here)’ has to be clicked.

RRB ALP Result 2018
source: Screenshot from rrbbilaspur.gov.in website.

This leads to a page containing all updates till date on CEN 01/2018. The last notice on this page says ‘ONE TIME FINAL OPPORTUNITY for Submission of additional qualifications, option for RRB, Post preferences, Exam trade and Bank details (Updated on 23.10.2018)’.

RRB ALP Result
source: Screenshot from rrbbilaspur.gov.in website.

When we hover our mouse over it, the file name reads ‘Message and mail to candidates[dot]doc’.

RRB ALP 2018 Result
source: Screenshot from rrbbilaspur.gov.in website.

As soon as one clicks the link, a word document file downloads automatically. The contents of the document are on your screen.

RRB ALP and Technician Result 2018
source: Document downloaded from rrbbilaspur.gov.in.

Dear Candidate,

Sub: Final Notice to submit RRB and Post preferences for CEN 01/2018

It is noted that you have not submitted the details of RRB, Post Preferences and Exam Trade despite Notices in the matter on websites of participating RRBs and personalized messages and e mail sent to your registered mobile and email IDs on 22-09-18 and 05-10-2018.

Further, RRBs have provided additional opportunity to you from 18-10-2018 to 21-10-2018 which was notified on the websites of all RRBs on 18-10-2018 and SMS and e mails were sent to your registered mobile number and e mail ID on 18-10-2018 as well as on 20-10-2018, drawing your attention to submit the details before 23.59 hrs of 21-10-2018.

You have secured the qualifying mark in the 1st stage CBT. Despite of these efforts by RRB you have not yet submitted these details. You are being given one more Final Opportunity to submit the options for RRB, Post preferences and Exam trade immediately before 23.59 hrs of 23-10-2018 by logging in at http://rrb2.rly-rect-appn.in/alptech2017/ failing which your candidature will not be considered for shortlisting to 2nd stage CBT & further stages of CEN 01/2018 and no further correspondence in the matter will be entertained.

This may be treated as Most Urgent.

Railway Recruitment Boards

Has RRB ALP Result 2018 been published?!

Logic dictates that this is highly unlikely for Railway Recruitment Board to publish RRB ALP Result 2018 like this. After all, 47 lakh candidates are glued to their computers and mobiles day and night to check result; so the board must be releasing the result with some actual notice. Also, it was more likely for either a PDF file containing roll numbers of shortlisted candidates to come, or result to be announced via login. But at the same time, it is our duty to have an open mind and consider all possibilities.

It is probable that many candidates who have qualified by securing RRB ALP Cut Off 2018 score had not submitted their post preferences. When result comes out, and they then get to know this, they will be deeply pained. So RRB, may have, out of genuine concern, informed them so that they can avert the calamity.

Maybe pretty soon RRB will also publish proper merit list and notices.

Other Possibilities

If the message and notice are not an indication of RRB ALP Result 2018, then what can they be? There are several alternatives.

Such as, the statement ‘You have secured the qualifying mark in the 1st stage CBT’ may have been a typo. It may have been something like ‘you may have secured the qualifying mark …’.

Otherwise this may be a format for a future message which qualified candidates will get if they did have not submitted their preferences. The likelihoods are endless.

Can this be a hoax / fake news?

We had come across the image on facebook a few days ago. But everyone knows that all that is there on social media may not be true. So it was partially dismissed.

However today, one candidate pointed out that there have been some updates in RRB Bilaspur website, which, when we investigated, came across the notification in question. So this is definitely not a hoax or fake news, because the official website has the notification. But it is still not clear whether result is actually out or not.

Help us solve this confusion!

Let us know in comments below whether you received this message or not. Those who did, please also tell whether you had already filled post preferences or not. Also, all of you can comment your views on this situation. However we urge you not to panic at all.

There are numerous reports that say that RRB ALP Result 2018 will be published either by 31 Oct 2018 or by Diwali. So even if the message is genuine, then it means that really you will all get your results very soon and your tiresome wait is going to end. So please do not panic, and best of luck to you all for your results!

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  1. The message conveyed that you are secured the qualifying marks.This could be that the particular candidate has secured the minimum qualifying marks i.e. 40% for unreserved and yet not submitted post preference hence to avoid a situation where the candidates having minimum qualifying marks have not chosen the posts this message could have been sent. Though it may not convey that the Candidate has cleared the cutoff rather convey that the minimum qualifying marks has been achieved.

  2. i too got the same message whatever you indicated above.i m not at all looking the post preference section befor 20th oct and ofinally i got a mail and message from rrb on 20th oct,in the above message final opportunity date is 23rd oct,but in my message the final oppurtinty date is 21th october.and i m from rrb chennai circle and i belongs to obc candidate

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