As we all know that this year, CBSE Economics question paper of class 12 and Mathematics question paper of class 10 were leaked. As the consequence, the board had to conduct the re-exam of Economics. But for Mathematics, the re-exams were not conducted stating that it was only leaked in Delhi/NCR region.

Every year, around 30 lakh students appear for CBSE board exams. So, to avoid that embarrassment, and for the sake of the students, CBSE Board has taken a very wise and reasonable step to avoid the leak of the question papers. In this initiative, CBSE has proposed to provide the encrypted question papers to the exam centres.

The Pilot Project

According to the board Secretary, Anurag Tripathi, it is a “Pilot Project”. CBSE used this move in the compartmental exams of class 10 this year. The experiment was successful. Thus, the board may apply this initiative by the end of this year. It may be done in the year 2019 or 2020.

In this “Pilot Project”, CBSE would distribute the question papers to the principals of the schools which would be targeted as the exam centre. The principal would get an email along with the password to open the question papers. The respective principals will have to open the papers right before the exams. Then the question papers will be printed and photocopied. After that, these question papers will be circulated among the examinees.

Issues Related to the Plan

There are more than 20,000 schools affiliated with CBSE. In which around4,500  schools function as the exam centre during the exams. As we have mentioned that CBSE used this move in class 10th compartment exams, so, some issues got raised such as some schools could not receive the encrypted copies of question papers or there were many schools which had the poor infrastructure. Some schools in the remote area faced the problem of internet connectivity.


As the result, the board is planning to make exam centres in only the big schools. There are 1200 KVs and 600 Navodaya Vidyalayas, which have the specified infrastructure. Those schools which will lack the factors will get the logical support by the board. CBSE will hire an agency which will provide the encrypted system, the useful equipments such as the computer, internet connection, printer, photocopier and the continuous power supply.

According to CBSE, a centre with around 500 students will need to print 8000 pages of question papers in one subject.

Hindi Practicals

Now, as the second movement, the board has decided to introduce practical examinations of Hindi. Tripathi has confirmed this news by stating that it was necessary for the students. Now, they will understand the literature well and the communication will be easier. The students of class IX-X and XI-XII will notice this change. In the practical examinations, there will be two parts, first, listening and talking and the second would be the project. Each part will have 10 marks each. However, the respective schools will provide the marks to the students.

Earlier, the vocational subjects did not play any role in the aggregate percentages. of the students. But from the next year, if the student will obtain the higher marks in the vocational subjects rather than the other five subjects. Then the vocational paper will automatically replace the student’s least-scoring subject among the top five. It will be helpful to enhance the overall performance.