CBSE Decided To Include Two Level Of Examination For Class 10 Mathematics In 2020

On January 10, 2019, CBSE has come up with the decision of including the two levels of examination for class 10 Mathematics. This rule will be applicable for the academic session 2019- 2020. So, the students who will appear for 2020 class 10 board exams will have two levels for Maths exam. These two levels will be named as Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic. Mathematics Standard will be the same as the existing level of Maths paper and Mathematics Basic will be the easier level of the examination. Students will have provided the choice before appearing for the examinations.

Difference Between Two Levels of Mathematics

Mathematics Standard will be for those students who wish to pursue Mathematics at the higher levels. Where on the other hand Mathematics Basic will be for those who not so interested to continue the senior secondary education with Mathematics. Therefore, at the time of submitting LOC by the board officials, students will be provided a choice to opt either for Mathematics Standard or Mathematics Basic.

Note that there will be no two levels in the internal assessment. The syllabus, classroom teaching, and the internal assessment process. They will remain the same as the existing one. This is because students can learn all the covered topics and on the basis of their understanding and ability students can put up with the right choice.

What if any student fails at any of the level of Mathematics? Then a student can appear for the compartment exams as per their respective choice. If a student failed in Mathematics Standard level then can appear for the compartment exam of Mathematics standard. Same is applicable for the other level too.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced a big change for the upcoming class 10 students. So, CBSE has also answered some basic doubts which might come in the minds of students as well as the parents. So, let’s discuss them.

By introducing the two levels in Mathematics will student feel burden? Then CBSE has answered this question No. As students will be given a choice after studying the whole syllabus.

Can a student opt for both levels of Mathematics? No, students have to provide the choice at the time of submission of LOC.

Which level needs to clear for opting Mathematics in class 11th and 12th? For higher levels, students must get passed in Mathematics Standard level only.

What if a student registered for the Basic level and wishes to appear for the standard level after the declaration of result?  Yes after passing the Basic level if a student wishes to opt for standard level mathematics then he or she needs to appear for the Mathematics standard compartment exam.

By getting all the answers one thing is cleared that if any student wants to opt Mathematics in class 11th and 12th then it is must pass the Mathematics Standard level by hook and crook. The basic level is only for the ones who don’t want to pursue maths in further studies. Mathematics is the subject which students find the most difficult one. So, to reduce the burden of the students CBSE has come up with the decision of introducing the two levels in Mathematics.

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