In JEE Advanced, candidates have to score certain minimum marks per subject to be able to get into the Rank list. As decided in 2018, this minimum marks per subject is 12. Thus, the future aspirants of JEE Advanced can take note that they need to achieve a minimum of 12 marks to stand a chance for admission to the IITs. In addition to that, the minimum aggregate marks that one will need to achieve is 90. However, this cutoff marks/minimum marks of JEE Advanced changes each year by 1 or 2 marks.

Minimum Marks needed per subject: As per the latest notification in JEE Advanced 2018, the minimum qualifying marks per subject for general category is 12 marks, for OBC-NCL is 11 marks, for SC, ST, CRL-PwD, OBC-NCL-PwD, SC-PwD, and ST-PwD it is 06 marks.

Minimum aggregate marks needed per subject: Apart from achieving minimum marks per subject, candidates also need to get a minimum aggregate mark to be able to appear in JEE Advanced Rank List. The minimum aggregate marks needed for general category is 90 marks, for OBC-NCL is 81 marks, for SC, ST, CRL-PwD, OBC-NCL-PwD, SC-PwD, and ST-PwD it is 45 marks.

JEE Advanced Rank List
Minimum marks per subject and minimum aggregate marks required for inclusion in JEE Advanced Rank List (for all categories).

Candidates are given ranks in the JEE Advanced Rank List on the basis of their aggregate marks.

What is minimum marks per subject in JEE Advanced? To be able to qualify JEE Advanced 2018, candidates have to qualify each subject i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics individually. There is a minimum marks predefined by the organising body for this purpose this is known as the ‘minimum marks per subject in JEE Advanced’.

What is minimum aggregate marks in JEE Advanced? Aggregate marks is the total marks of all the three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Candidates will also need to achieve the minimum aggregate marks to be able to qualify JEE Advanced.

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This minimum marks (aggregate and per subject) changes each year, depending on various factors. Over the years the minimum marks per subject requirement in JEE Advanced has increased. It was 7 marks in 2015, 10 marks in 2016 and 2017. Whereas in 2018, it is 12 marks per subject.

The exam pattern of JEE Advanced keeps changing each year. Therefore the criteria of marks for inclusion in the Rank List of JEE Advanced changes too. There are 2 papers in JEE Advanced and the candidates have to appear in both of them.