Schools are facing Issues in Class 9, 11 Registration

The registration process for the CBSE board exams has been started for Class 9 and for Class 11. The respective schools will have to complete the registration of the students before October 22, 2018. So, all the CBSE affiliated schools across India are required to register their students by providing their details. The details provided by the schools will be inserted in OASIS (Online Affiliated School Information System). But, now, CBSE has issued a circular in which it has said that the schools are facing difficulties in the registration process. This information has been provided by the OASIS.

So, the board has taken a few steps for the convenience of the schools. To do so, in the circular released by CBSE, the board has mentioned some new points for the registration. So, now, the CBSE affiliated schools will have to follow the new rules.

Now, the schools are permitted to register the students as per the details present in OASIS. If the schools are having the students whose data is not inserted in OASIS then the schools may request the concerned Regional Office. To do so, the schools will have to give the justification about the excess students who are seeking for the registration of the exams.


In addition, the board has also mentioned some points. The schools will have to do the editing of the data on the basis of the evidence and the edit must be done in accordance with the norms laid down by the board. The schools will have to complete the registration process within the deadline provided by CBSE. The schools will have to comply with the norms of section size, the number of classrooms, the number of students per section or classroom and the ratio of the students/ teacher etc.

After the registration of class 9 and class 11, the students of class 10 and 12 will be able for the registration. The registration for Class 10 and Class 12 students will begin very soon.

The board exams of class 10 and 12 are expected to begin after February 15, 2019. The dates are not confirmed yet. But it is clear that first the exams will be held for the vocational courses then the board will conduct the exams for the core subjects.

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CBSE Date Sheet 2019 will be released in the fourth week of December 2018. As you know, CBSE has made clear it that all the events related to the board exams will be held 15v days prior as compared to the last year. So, in the previous year, the date sheet was disclosed on January 13, 2019. So, this year, it may be released in December 2018.

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