In the press conference of July 07, 2018, it was made clear that to help the rural students and students who don’t own a computer system, practice tests will be made available at various designated centres by National Testing Agency (NTA). These practice centres will help the students get familiar with the computer-based tests free of cost for the upcoming JEE Main 2019 Exam and other NTA held examinations. NTA has planned to set up more than 3000 such practice centres across the nation. These centres will be open most probably form the third week of August 2018.

NTA is continuously coming up with advanced ways to improve the way national level examinations were held in the nation. As per our latest news article (JEE MAIN 2019: NTA READY TO TAKE THE EXAMINATION UP A NOTCH), the newly formed NTA is going to take the ways examination are conducted in the nation a level higher. From the use of highly advanced tools like Artificial Intelligence and psychometric analysis to launch a mobile application to locate exam centres, NTA is taking its work seriously.

The Tests Centres will be open every Saturday and Sunday. No charges will be applicable.

As per the data of JEE Main 2018 exam, it was clear that more students opted for the offline exam and lesser students for the online exam. Somewhere, students are yet not comfortable with the online exam, the majority are more relaxed with the pen and paper mode.

In 2018, 11.5 lakh students have registered for JEE Main. Out of them, 2.25 lakh have opted for the computer-based test, whereas, 9.25 lakh have taken the pen and paper-based test. However, in the year before, 1.8 lakh opted for the computer-based test, and 10.2 lakh opted for the pen and paper-based test. Thus, the number of candidates preferring online based test have increased over the year.

To avoid major issues like the paper leak, errors in question papers and the shortage of question papers, the necessity to take the entire exam online was felt. Thus, to make sure everyone is comfortable with the online based exam, NTA has come with this pre-examination practise test session. These test sessions can be practised by downloading it at your home systems or by visiting the nearby centres free of cost.

Apart from the mode of the exam, nothing else will change that will hamper the way candidates have been preparing until now for exams like JEE Main. The syllabus, exam pattern, languages of the question paper and examination fees will remain the same.

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JEE Main from 2019 will be conducted twice a year, first in the month of January and then in the month of April. The application forms of JEE Main 2019 January exam will be available from September 01, 2018. The tentative exam dates as announced by Prakash Javadekar is January 06 to 20, 2018.

Drop your queries in the comment section below. All the best to all the JEE Main 2019 Aspirants!

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  1. If the papers are unique and different for all 13 lakh students in jee and neet then how performance will be compared with each other.It is competition with the own only.Exam.must be conducted like AIIMS U.G.where question paper for same shift is same .Results of each shifts is made in percentile. Then taking all the shifts results a common rank a common percentile is made and single rank is produced by normalisation procedure .That is ideal.Thanks.

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