The National Testing Agency (NTA) is responsible to take the burden of CBSE from 2019 onwards. Now, NTA will be conducting major examinations of national level form 2019, like JEE Main, NEET – UG, UGC NET, GPAT and CMAT. In addition to that NTA aims at changing the way examinations are being conducted in the country and thus, new methods are being introduced which will be into action from 2019. Thus, we can expect some major reforms in the ways examinations were being held in the country. Till now, CBSE had to do a lot conducting examinations at all the level. Therefore, a need was felt to relieve CBSE out of this pressure.


  • There will be a unique set of question paper for each candidate in the exam.
  • The examination software will be such that it will pick random questions for the candidates and present it on the screen.
  • No candidates will get the same question at the same point in time.
  • NTA plans to use heavily equipped tools like Artificial Intelligence and psychometric analysis to eliminate errors. 
  • Hack Proof system will be made strong enough.
  • The tests will be completely technology driven.

National Testing Agency will eliminate the previously lurking problems regarding the national level entrance examinations. There will be an ample amount of test centres across the nation, no paper leaks, no unfair means of practices during the examination, and an improved method of conduction of the examination.

The first exam that NTA will conduct is UGC NET in December 2018. Soon after in the month of January 2019, NTA will conduct the biggest examination of the country – JEE Main, followed by NEET 2019 in February 2019.

The tests will be 100% safe. The highest level of encryption will guarantee that no one can hack into the system, explains Vineet Joshi, director general of NTA.


In addition to everything, NTA officials also ensure that the tests in each exam will be designed in such a way that unmeaningful learning or intensive coachings will not be of much help to the candidates unless they are through with the concept and syllabus.

There will not be a set of questions, but the paper setters will feed millions of questions in the software. candidates will be at the total mercy of the system because out of these millions of questions random questions will be selected by the software and shot on the screen.

Post examination NTA will use Artificial Intelligence tools to prepare answer keys containing correct answers. This will further eliminate the delay in results.

What is NTA doing right Now?

NTA has started its works. Right now, they are working on the analysis of previous years’ question papers. The undertaking of psychometric analysis of the question papers is going on to check the difficulty level of each question. MCQs are being judged on how well they were able to judge the knowledge of the students on the subject and how better they can make it.

Thus, students who will be appearing for JEE Main, NEET and other NTA held exams must keep in mind that the question pattern or syllabus is not changing. Only the way examinations were held in undergoing major changes. Candidates are advised to prepare their best so as to overcome all the enhanced level of questions that NTA plans to introduce from 2019.

JEE Main 2019 Application Form for the January Exam will start from September 01, 2018. The application process will be hosted on the official website of NTA, As per the Press Release by National Testing Agency, NTA will establish a network of test practice centres for students of rural areas so that everyone will have an opportunity to practice before the exam. Schools/engineering colleges with computer centres would be identified and kept open on Saturday/Sunday starting from 3rd week of August 2018. Any student can use the facility free of charge.

Your queries are welcome in the comment section below. All the best to all the aspirants!

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