The mere mention of the word ‘Result‘ can put a student’s life in turbulence; especially class 10 and 12 board results. Since childhood, we have been told about the importance of boards result in students’ life for a good career.

Now if you have scored less in class 10th board you have another opportunity to prove yourself by opting for the right stream and preparing for the next two years. But those who have scored less in 12th board and are concerned about not getting admission in a good college they first need to think why they want admission in a good college. Remember to give preference to the course and not the college.

We live in a society which we cannot escape; but what we can do is live differently. It does not have to be the same cycle for all where good grades lead to good college and ultimately good career. The real aim should be knowledge.

We should feel lucky to be born in this century as knowledge is free with the help of technology and internet. We have so many platforms to seek knowledge that we do not need to follow the old school practices. If you know where to find knowledge, it can take you from learning to earning real quick.

Students can also opt for entrance test based courses. There are several colleges which hold entrance exams for admission. Courses such as Management Studies, Mass Communication, Journalism, Elementary Education and Foreign Languages are available in Delhi University (DU). Its School of Open Learning is offering courses like B.A program, B.Com, B.Com (Honours), B.A (Honours) English and B.A (Honours) Political Science.

Several private universities and affiliated colleges also offer professional courses such as Event Management, Footwear designs, and Culinary Arts. Students can also opt for courses which are job-oriented such as Fashion Designing, Hotel management, Retail Management and Radio Jockey. Again, though a good option, not all can afford private colleges.

Other options such as starting your business are also there. It is interesting to note that most of the successful business person is actually less qualified. Now for a business, you need a well-thought plan. So take time and gain all the information before taking any step.

Students after 12th can also prepare for government exams or take up private jobs. Search the internet and match your eligibility first before taking any government job coaching.

What we need to understand is that there is no one ladder to success. There are many and you could discover one by following your heart. A few years down the lane, board result would not even matter if you have knowledge in your field. Research, and make a plan that works best for you. Now one could say easier said than done, so remember “journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step“.