State Government to Announce Class 5 and 8 as Board exam

The State Government of Bhopal is preparing to announce the Class 5 and 8 exams as a board. This proposal of the School Education Department has reached to Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary for approval. After the approval of the minister, the Department can then assign the board for both the classes by 28 February.

The exam for Class 5th and 8th has been conducted on the basis of the Board examination pattern for the past three years. The reason for conducting the exam for these students on the basis of Board exam pattern has been stated that the students fear Board exams and they want that the students should be well prepared for it when they actually have to appear for the Board exam.

This is a true fact, and a good move initiated by the Department to prepare the students for the Board exams from early only. In this way, the students will not fear the Board exams and will take it as a regular exam only. This decision will benefit about 7 lakh students.

As per the newspaper reports, the Central Government has amended section 30 of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, the state government can now declare the Class 5th to 8th exams as Board examination. After getting this right, the Government has started working towards declaring both the examinations as a board.

Furthermore, the State Education Center has been advised to be ready to conduct the Board exam for Classes 5th and 8th students. The offer for conducting the Board exam for 5th and 8th class has been reached the Minister, and the Center need to gear up their preparation for conducting the Board exam for these classes.

With the approval for conducting the Board, the notification will also be released. The reports claim that looking at the change being introduced for Class 5 and 8, the exam dates may also change. However, it is just a probability and no such announcement of the change in exam has been announced by the State Govt.

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