The seed planted yesteryear for the improvement of quality of education in India has now leafed out to shadow more than 2 lakh classrooms in higher education institutions. Operation Digital Board (ODB) is going to spread digital boards at senior secondary government and government-aided schools. Human Resource Development minister Prakash Javadekar announced the beginning of the scheme from 2019-2020 onward. With a vision to implement the scheme to 1.5 lakh secondary and senior secondary government and government-aided schools also, ODB will put the metal to the pedal.

Prakash Javadekar said that the scheme will make learning as well as teaching interactive and popularize ‘flipped learning’ as a pedagogical approach. The scheme is aimed to bring in change for the students as well as the teachers. The process of intelligent tutoring with digital classrooms across the nation will make teaching interactive and students will be able to not just retain but also love what they study.

The eyes of Operation Digital Board have also seen India in 2022 having at least 9 Lakh Digital Blackboards by 2022. Operation Digital Board is actually an evolution and a next level operation inspired from the Operation Black Board, started 50 years back! A committee was formed one year back under the guidance of Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala of IIT Madras for the improvement in quality of education.

Emphasizing on the aim to improve the quality of education in India, Prakash Javadekar said that there is a requirement of seven lakh digital blackboards in classes 9-12 and for the higher education institutions, at least 2 lakh pieces are required. He further added that the government will achieve the aim by 2020.

Mr Javadekar also enlightened about the common problem faced by the students as they come out of the schools. Because of the absence of the digital environment in the classrooms, students feel separated from the adept society and market. Javadekar says that although students of many top educational institutions in India are already familiar with the tech, a large number of higher education institutions are still behind in the race. Quality teaching-learning across the schools of the nation will improve the quality of education in India, one school at a time.

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