The Medical Council of India (MCI) has crushed the medical dream of thousands of students. Unfortunately, the candidates from Open School and Private are now not eligible to apply for the NEET 2018. The news was confirmed through the official notification for the exam, which released today.

The grounds on which Open Board and the Private candidate has been debarred from the only medical entrance exam is not too firm. Medical Council of India has evaluated that the students of the respective Board are not at par with the regular school student. The Council further justifies its decision by stating that the curriculum of NIOS lacks practical education but the in the year 2012, it was MCI itself which included the Board.

Furthermore, as per the new eligibility criteria, of Biology/Biotechnology as an Additional Subject at 10+2 level also shall not be permissible. If AYUSH admissions are also held through NEET then these candidates cannot think of a career in respective AYUSH field as well.

The decision is receiving backlash from people of all walk because it is unjust. The quality of medical education in India will not be better by banning candidates. Last year, 2 lakh candidates registered for NIOS exam and of it 3000 appeared for NEET. Out of these, there were 864 candidates who did qualify NEET. For sure 864 is not a small number. 

We ask, why not let these candidates apply for NEET 2018? If they are not good enough, they will not qualify the exam. MCI could have also provided prior notice to NIOS for including practical education…

…but no, MCI simply decided to smash the dreams of these candidates. This clearly shows how we have differentiated students in two categories. The students from the Open school will not be able to cope up with the standards of regular students seems to be just a reason to sideline the Open School from NEET and to cover our own sins. It is no secret how corrupt and unmanaged MCI is. The degraded medical standards are the result of ignorant and unscrupulous mannerism of the Council.

But who is at loss? It is always the loss of students. What’s worst is that MCI takes such step, by stating that it wants to give the best doctor and improve the medical education standard. The Medical Council which is not even sure about its own existence, frankly, cannot take wise decision for making the future of lakhs of candidates. Disbaaring Open school students from NEET is one of the best reasons of why MCI should be replaced.

On one hand, we promote education and tell the students to believe in their dream as one day they will come true. While on the other hand, we put up an invisible boundary around them and force them to not go beyond it. Why do we need to put the students always on the edge?

The education system can be improved not by banning students but making them learn. Everyone should get an equal opportunity to work for their dreams. What is view on the matter? Is it unfair that Open School and Private candidates are not allowed to appear for NEET 2018 or is it right? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Sir i jst copleted my intermediate studies with 80%.i was a regular student bt it became private due to short attendence what should i do now.i’m jst loosing my hopes….. plz….save our lives dont play with students future

  2. This is really totally unfair I was studied +1 in Padmavati womens clg(Govt) I’ve a lung disorder (Pulmonary haemosidorosis) n I’m a CMC patient since age 2 I’ve studied+1 without going to clg but the principal was very kind person he gave me the hall ticket for me to write the exams I’ve studied just one day before my exams coz i was admitted again in CMC on January , February continue . But the next year principal has changed n the new principal is very cruel to me he said( I’ll give u attendance don wry take care of Ur health) but he lied to us he cheated us he didn’t even told us about the exam date n fee n then we went to the clg and asked principal n he said she’s shortage of attendance I won’t u give hall ticket and he didn’t give me 😞 coz he don’t want to . He’s a religious guy . If he really don want to give me my hall ticket then he should’ve inform us to get our TC n out of the clg but he didn’t even . And then I’ve joined OPEN SCHOOL now I thought it has eligible but now I’m like brokenhearted 💔 I have to study +2 again It will waste my one yr of my life .where is justice now ?

  3. Its totally wrong decision by MCI,they r ruining NIOS students life. We should fight against MCI . The students needs our support

  4. I think everyone deserves equal opportunity and what if anybody is private candidate or has done open schooling decision like this is destructive to one’s opportunity and life

  5. MCI is the most corrupted organisation in the country where they only look after vested interest of capitation fees it should be abolished immediately our PM should step in.Entrance means eligibility criteria,introduce practical at entrance itself if you are so concerned as all marks received in schools as internals are fake.Entrance should be open to all by not allowing people to sit for exam this is injustice to the poor & deserved,another way to create money minting machine for MCI

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