No JEE Main 2019 Paper 2 and NATA for Arts / Commerce Student

In the Official Gazette, published on June 06, 2017, Council of Architect (CoA) announced that candidates with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are only eligible for Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) admission in India. The amended eligible has been considered from the year 2018 onwards. In the newly released notice, National Test Agency (NTA), which is conducting JEE Main Paper I and II, has also officially adopted the new eligibility criteria by CoA for B.Arch.

“No candidate shall be admitted to architecture course unless she/he has
passed an examination at the end of the 10+2 scheme of examination with
50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and also 50% marks in
aggregate of the 10+2 examination”.

Today, on September 25, 2018, NTA uploaded a notice on the official website of JEE Main, The notice indicates of a letter by CoA to NTA, informing about the amended in minimum eligibility standard of B.Arch. Now, candidates planning to take admission in admission in B.Arch 5 year courses through JEE Main 2019 Paper 2 should have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and must have also secured above 50% marks in each subject. Apart from this, the aggregate of marks in these subjects should also be above 50%. The official notification reads as follows:

Changed Eligibility of JEE Main 2019 Paper 2 a problem for Already Registered Candidates

Initial eligibility criteria of JEE Main 2019, as given in the information brochure, clearly indicates that all the candidates who have passed class 10+2 with 5 subjects, in the 2017, 2018 or 2019 (appearing), are eligible to apply. Even the eligibility criteria for admission in NITs, IIITs, CFTIs, SFIs, state engineering colleges for participating states and other participating institutions is that candidates should have passed JEE Main 2019 and must have qualified 10+2 with Mathematics.

The candidates who have applied for these courses may ascertain their revised
eligibility conditions prescribed by the Council of Architecture as mentioned above so that
the prospective students taking admissions in the B. Arch. course are not put to any
inconvenience at a later stage.

The registration for JEE Main 2019 started on September 01 and is going to end on September 30, 2018. Not even a week is left and NTA is informing the changed eligibility now. The candidates who do not have Physics and Chemistry in 10+2 and have applied for JEE Main are at loss.

In the official notice, NTA has clearly mentioned that the eligibility “hereby stand modified” and the candidates should now check if they are eligible or not and should appear for the examination accordingly. No details about refund of application fee to these candidates has been mentioned so far. If NTA will consider refund or not is a mystery for now. Candidates need to wait until the official notice regarding the same is released.

How is this applicable for NATA? Policy by CoA APPLICABLE to all ARCHITECTURE Admission

National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is conducted by Council itself. Hence, all the rules and regulations by CoA are applicable to NATA. Also, CoA is responsible for regulating architecture admission in the country. It defines the guidelines for B.Arch admission which is to be followed by all the institutes and conducting bodies.

Commerce and Arts Students with Mathematics Devastated!

The most affected section, due to the decision, are the students belonging to Commerce and Arts streams, with Mathematics, and dreamed of getting admission in architecture course. These candidates are no more eligible for 5 year B.Arch admission.

In a country where engineering and medial are stereotypically preferred career choices, the audience for architecture is already very less. By confining the eligibility criteria, CoA has trimmed the circle further.

The decision is both, good and bad. The day to day incidents of poor architecture leading to loss of infrastructure and human life has to be reduced. But, can this only be done by eliminating non-science students? That is the questions. What do you think about the decision? Is it is right to allow only Science stream students to study architecture or should the B.Arh course be open for all the students? Let us know your view in the comment section below.

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  1. Rediculous, how unprofessional is our education system and the decision designers.Why are you playing with the future generation.These INDIAN12th std Students are THE most poorest SOUL in the whole world…who work hardest and achieve nothing.J Just a few weeks back Medical stream was TARGETTED..NOW future architects.T These kind of so called DECISIONS should be announced when a child in RUSTED education system is about to select his in 10thstd….. not when LAKHS have already filled the ENTRANCE FORMS which HAVE BEEN EXCEPTED by so called DIGITAL SYSTEM.I am into teaching profession since last 22years… and very close to this particular age group. Our youth is so talented..but our DECISION MAKERS are responsible for OUR YOUTH LEAVING THE COUNTRY to get better FUTURE…. FOR GOD SAKE don’t take every decision DEMONITISATION.

  2. We the students of commerce are the most affected. This is just riduculous. We have been preparing for the exam since a year now and suddenly you declare we cant appear. Thats unethical. We need you to change this decision. How can you not allow us to appear.
    This decision should come when we were about to choose our streams and not when we already fillwd the forms and are working day and night for it.

  3. Would you want commerce students to become physicians, mechanical engineers or vice versa. just because a program is there, we cannot assume it is open for all. Architecture is a science stream it needs base in Physics for SOM, Structural integrity, etc and Chemistry .. the material, heating etc..
    I believe the said department has corrected a huge mistake it had been making.

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