Students across the country can take a breath of relief. Prakash Javadekar, HRD minister, has told a news channel that the NCERT school syllabus will be reduced by 50%, from the session 2019. Hence, it will be half of what it is now. The reduction in the syllabus will be done for class 1 to 12th in CBSE affiliated school and all other Govt. and private schools which follow NCERT syllabus.

The ministry has finally realized that at the tender age of cognitive skills development, the student need not be burned but given a free and happy learning environment. At the moment, the syllabus for NCERT school students is more than of the undergraduate syllabus for arts and commerce streams. The minister stated that the students are data bank they should know everything. The purpose is to bring out the good human being.

MHRD and School Education

The ministry also revealed that examination and detentions in classes will be revived. He explained that without the examination there is no competition and no target. While reduction of the syllabus is a good news for the candidates but the reintroduction of detention is a bit concerning.

Soon a bill shall be moved in Parliament in the next part of Budget Session for the reinforcement of detention. If a student fails in March examination, they will be given another chance in May. However, if a student is unable to pass in both the examination, he / she will be detained.

The quality of the teacher in the schools is also a priority. The ministry explained that the poor quality of teachers will only lead to poor learning of the students. Hence, it is important to ensure that teachers are well trained.

He added that the main task of the teacher is to assess the weakness and the strengths of the students and then mentor then accordingly. In the year 2015, under the Right to Education Act, 20 lakh teachers were trained but only 5 lakh have could be covered. More than 14 lakh teachers went through a skill upgradation program and hence should lead to a better result.

When asked about New Education Policy, he said that a report will be submitted in this regard. It will be submitted by the end of the month. The necessary changes or analysis will be announced after it has been examined.

It is a positive step that HDR is finding ways to lift up the burden from the students. The decreased syllabus will also give way to extracurricular activities. Numerous students have interest in art, singing, dancing, football, basketball, etc. but are unable to pursue it because of they do not have time for it.

A clashing though on the reduced NCERT syllabus is that it will lead to a lower IQ. The student right now is studying various topics which eventually lead to better understanding on numerous topics. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia particularly suspects that reduction might add an ‘ism’ (ideology) in the school syllabus. What are your views on the matter? Is it right to reduce the syllabus or will it lead to less intellectual race? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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  1. Yes reducing portion is welcome move. Kids dose not have to play, absolutely no physical activities. It should be implemented from 2018 – 2019 academic session. This will be very helpful for 2019 10th board appearing students. Else they will be writing full portion, which is very tough. Let them teach full book, but in board only half portion, which are important and basic for next grade should be asked. Please implement this as soon as possible.

  2. No i dont think reducing syllabus for class 12 would be good as there are lots of competition going around the globe and in this competition era students should have the knowledge of all topics that are asked in competion and for this if syllabus would be reduced then they need to go for lots more topic after class 12.Keeping burden before would lead to the bright future of students.Reducing syllabus is just like changing from Board scheme to CCE scheme where pressure would be less and student would not achieve anything good in future.

  3. it reduces the potential and competition, the current full syllabus of ncert also doesn’t fulfill the needs of international olympiads and standard competitive exams and if the syllabus is halfed then there will be nothing extra but this is a good initiative and only thing to remove this con is that the syllabus of maths and science must not be changed as it lays a big foundation, to resolve this the syllabus of hindi-english-sst should be cut such that it gives sufficient time for students to read higher concept of science and maths.

  4. much better if they can make these rules in the session 2017-2018 so that i would take advantage

  5. It is a good decision to reduce the chapters as we the students are facing difficulties in practicing the unwanted chapters.

  6. Respected board authority,
    Implement it now in 2018 to 2019 session.
    Social is of no use . No one asks anywhere that when,how,why himanyu or akbar died. It’s foolishness.

  7. Bringing Indian economic development in 12th and shifting micro economics in 11th itself is a foolish decision since micro economics is an important branch of economics if it taught in 11th nobody will take it serious…. Plz bring micro to 12th

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