Recently a study was done by IIT Kanpur, the conducting body of JEE Advanced 2018, on this year’s entrance process. As per the study, it is analysed that students who have qualified JEE Advanced and taken admission in the IITs contain 52% of students who took coachings and 44% of the students studied on their own. Also, another aspect of the study has brought out the fact that the family income of the students does not play any significant role in the IIT admission process.

The study pointed out that this year more students had relied on coaching to prepare for the test. However last year the percentage of students who attended IIT JEE coaching was 50%. This year a total of 31,988 candidates have qualified the JEE Advanced 2018 examination and took admission in the IITs. In 2018, more than 52% of students attended coaching classes, whereas 44% relied on self-study. apart from that, 0.86% took private tuitions and 1.12% took correspondence courses.


  • Family income plays no role in taking admissions to the IITs.
  • More students lean towards IIT JEE coachings as compared to the last year.

Out of this 31,988 candidates, close to 800 students reported that their parents are illiterate. In addition to that, 8,531 students said that their family income was up to Rs. 1 lakh per annum and not more. IIT Kanpur has made this inference on the basis of the information provided by the students.

Also, the study shows that this year, 77% of students who qualified for the exam were from the urban part of India and 23% from rural areas which includes 10% from the villages and 13% from the towns.

Stating the exact figures, the study revealed that parents of 796 students were illiterate, parents of 4,284 students had studied up to class 10th, whereas, parents of 12,923 were graduates. Apart from that, 8,238 were employed in government jobs, 5,208 ran their own businesses, and 3,972 were in private jobs. There were about  2,604 students who said that their parents were engaged in agricultural works and about 1,388 were in the engineering field.

As per the reports, Dheeraj Sanghi, a professor at IIT-Kanpur has stated that there are a lot of SC/ST candidates that are first in their generation to learn. Thus, they lack guidance. IITs, therefore, must recognise such candidates and address it like the way they have done it for those who face financial hurdles.

JEE Advanced is the only way to take admission in IITs of the nation. To take part in JEE Advanced examination, candidates have to qualify the JEE Main examination first. Thereafter, qualifying candidates are able to appear in JEE Advanced and qualifying which opens door to the reputed Indian Institute of Technology. From 2019, JEE Main will be conducted twice a year and in online mode only. JEE Advanced has also been made completely online from 2018.

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