The countdown to GATE 2018 Result has begun. There is no saying how soon the result might get announced now. But armed with past year GATE results trends analysis, we can surely make some speculations. If nothing, it might calm you down as you undergo this nerve-wracking, nail-biting wait.

First things first. So IIT Guwahati is supposed to declare GATE 2018 Result on March 17, 2018. But this is what has been happening in the past years.

Year Date on which GATE result was supposed to be announced Date on which GATE result was actually announced Time of result declaration
2017 27 March 2017 26 March 2017 11.30 AM
2016 19 March 2016 A8 March 2016 9.30 PM
2015 12 March 2015 11 March 2015 10 PM
2014 28 March 2014 27 March 2014 11.30 PM

It becomes clear, that IITs have been following the same trend, that of announcing GATE results one day before it is actually supposed to come.

GATE 2018 Result Declaration

Date on which GATE result is supposed to be announced: 17 March 2018.

Going by trend, date on which GATE result will be announced: 16 March 2018.

So the date of declaration of result has been established. Next comes time for result publishing.

Now there is no fixed time at which result will be out. It can be anytime. Even past year trends cannot throw any light on result announcement timings. Although odds are higher in favor of an evening or night time announcement of result of GATE 2018.

If you are here, then that means that you have appeared in GATE exam and are waiting for result. You may be going through a gamut of emotions right now.

Are you nervous? A few butterflies in the stomach are okay. But if you are feeling too anxious, I would suggest you sit down with friends or family members who are supportive and can lift your mood. Or do something that you like to distract yourself.

Whatever you do, switch off your phones or put them in aeroplane mode. There are chances that as soon as GATE 2018 result is announced, your peers or annoying family members will start calling you enquiring about your result. Usually, even if result is good, even then unnecessary questions may make you sad. Just after result, just be with close friend or family members.

After GATE 2018 Result Declaration

Now once result is out you have answer to the million dollar question: Have you qualified or not?

If you have not qualified as per GATE 2018 result declaration, then take a deep breath. You gave your 100% but did not qualify, so do not blame yourself. What you can do next is to first check out other options – exams for M.Tech admission apart from GATE 2018. Also you can analyze where you lost marks, and how to gain marks in those sections next time. Also analyse all obstacles that stopped you from qualifying in GATE 2018. Take a break for a few days, then start working for GATE 2019.

If you have qualified, and you have average score as per GATE 2018 result declaration, then first advice for you is do not think that you cannot get admission anywhere, or job anywhere.

You should actively start looking for options. GATE cut off 2018 will vary greatly for each college and each PSU. Even if you feel that your score is just average, there are still chances that you will get admission in some college or job in some PSU.

Give first priority to IITs, top NITs. After that your priority should be top state engineering and technology colleges. Then look at other NITs, IIITs, and other colleges. Don’t stop there, also try other engineering colleges. Many students don’t even apply to colleges thinking that they will not get admission, and miss out on admission.

Keep in mind that admission process is separate for each college. For some colleges, there is combined counselling. In some cases there is state level counselling. Keep an eye our for all M.Tech forms.

If your priority is PSU recruitment, then know that there are around 50 PSUs that are recruiting on basis of GATE 2018 Result. Check all of them.

If you have qualified, and you have average score as per GATE 2018 result declaration, then you should first of all rush to see which IITs M.Tech forms are available. You need to apply separately for each IIT – apply to all, and also to COAP 2018. COAP is the Common Offer Acceptance Portal where offers by IITs are published and candidates can accept offers there.

For NITs, you have to register for CCMT 2018 or the Centralized Counselling for M.Tech. there is no need to apply separately to NITs.

Then comes state level counselling. There are several excellent state colleges that accept GATE scores. They may be conducting separate counselling or coming under state counselling. Check that and apply.

There are also several colleges and universities that have institute level admission counselling. Remember to check those too.

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