The most sought examination of the nation, JEE Main, is going to be conducted as per schedule. The examination will be conducted in the offline mode on April 8, 2018. On this day itself, both Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be conducted across 112 cities of the country. Candidates are already in the final phases of their preparations. Around 11.5 lakh students have registered for JEE Main this year.

Apart from the preparation for the examination, one must be also aware of the exam day instructions for JEE Main 2018 that they need to follow. Being pre-acquainted about the exam guidelines and the exam hall rules will help the candidates stay updated about the whole examination process.

JEE Main 2018

The candidates under no condition must leave their JEE Main admit card behind. The admit card must be carried to the examination center without fail. Downloading the admit card in the eleventh hour must be avoided. After downloading the admit card, a printout of the same must be done as soon as possible.

Candidates appearing for Paper 2 must carry with them their own geometry box set, pencils, erasers and colour pencils or crayons. Also, they are allowed to bring with them a cardboard or a clipboard on which nothing should be written so that they have no difficulty in filling responses in the Answer Sheet even if the tables provided in the examination room/hall do have a smooth surface.

The Ball Pens will be supplied to the candidates in the examination hall so they should not bring any type of Pen/Ball Pens with them.

A seat indicating roll number will be allocated to each candidate. Candidate should find out and occupy their allotted seat only. Once the candidates are inside the examination center they are to follow the instructions of the invigilators.  No candidate, without the special permission of the Centre Superintendent or the Invigilator concerned, will leave his/her seat or Examination Room until the full duration of the paper. Candidates should not leave the room/hall without handing over their Answer Sheets to the Invigilators on duty.

Candidates are not allowed to carry any textual material, Calculators, Docu Pen, Slide Rules, Log Tables, Electronic Watches with facilities of calculator, printed or written material, bits of papers, mobile phone, pager or any other device. The candidates will not be allowed any baggage inside the examination center, all the electronic items and gadgets are to be kept outside the exam hall at the candidate’s own risk.

Except for the admit card and identity proof, no other paper or above-mentioned materials is allowed inside the examination center as per the CBSE JEE Main guidelines. Possession of any such materials will be treated as an unfair means of practice on behalf of the candidate and they can be debarred for future examinations too.

Smoking and eating are strictly not allowed. However, diabetic students are allowed to carry their sugar tablets, fruits, and a transparent water bottle.

The test will start exactly at the time mentioned in the Admit Card. During the examination time, the invigilator will check the Admit Card of the candidate to validate the identity of each candidate.Also, the signature of the invigilator on the answer sheet will be done during this time.

Also, it will be candidate’s responsibility to check the serial number and series of the Test Booklet with the serial number and series of OMR sheet. In case of any variation, the Test Booklet and OMR sheet should be immediately returned to the invigilator for the replacement.

The candidates will be signing the attendance sheet twice. Firstly, immediately after the commencement of the Examination and for the second time while handing over the Answer Sheet to the Invigilator. The candidates are also required to put their left-hand thumb impression in the space provided in the Attendance Sheet.

After the examination is concluded that is both in offline and online mode (15 and 16 April 2018), the answer keys will be uploaded in between April 24 to 27, 2018. The candidates can crosscheck their answers and get their JEE Main 2018 estimated scores. The Results will be declared on April 30, 2018, for Paper 1 and on May 31, 2018, for Paper 2.

If you have any doubts regarding examination center rules and regulation of JEE Main 2018 examination, do comment below and let us know. We will make sure we help you out!

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  1. Offline paper they provide pen. What abt Online tests on 15 & 16th. ? They will provide pens. ?? Also ample amt of rough sheets given ? Pls guide.

  2. Crayons and geometry boxes are necessary to carry for the jeemains paper 2 for the part-3 alloted in the question paper

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