CBSE Provide Addition 56 Marks In Class 12th

A surprising fact of CBSE class 12 board exams has come up. As per the latest reports, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has provided the around 56 extra marks to class 12 students. The marks have been increased under the provision of the ‘Moderation System’. The reports said that the result of the Science stream student from the Delhi region scored 84% of marks or less which get increased by around 11%. This means a total of 32 marks have been increased in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

What is Moderation System 

Moderation system introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in order to assign the extra marks to the students for the number of reasons. The decision of providing these extra marks is taken by the ‘result committee’ keeping in mind the standardize level of the result. As per the system policy, a  total of 11 marks can be extra provided in Physics and Mathematics. While 10 marks extra are set for Chemistry, 6 marks in Political Science, 5 marks each in Economics, Biology and Business Studies. Sociology and Geography consist of 2 or 3 extra marks.

CBSE is following this Moderation policy from 2016. Earlier the CBSE used to increase the marks by 15 marks and the trend has been followed till 2018. This year CBSE has increased the marks by 56 marks. However, a debate has conducted on this stating that high moderation policy is unfair for the students who performed well in the exams. According to them, this moderation policy is just providing free marks to the students and

Moderated Marks Are Not Equally Distributed

The CBSE official explained the Moderation Policy with an example stating that moderated marks are not equal for all the students. As per the policy, if any student gets failed in the exams will not be benefitted with this moderation policy. On the other hand, total marks under moderation must not exceed the total of 95 marks. Let’s see the example. If a student has scored the marks 89 marks in a subject then 6 extra marks will be awarded. On another side, if a student has scored the total 84 marks in a subject then 10 extra marks will be provided.

In 2018, CBSE has applied this policy for the total of six subjects which has now increased to the nine subjects this year.

The range of the marks under the Moderation Policy is not fixed. The extra marks have been provided to the students on the basis of the ambiguity in the question paper, evaluation system and the difficulty level of the question paper.

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