Bihar Board Exams 2019_ Changes in Answer Sheet

In 2018 board exams, Bihar School Examination Board had to face the issues of the paper leak of class 10 and class 12. So, this year, for the 2019 session board exams, the board is taking various steps as the precaution from any misfortune.

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Regarding this, BSEB has taken many steps. Among those steps, Bihar Board is making some changes in the OMR Sheet and in the Answer Sheet. To organize the board exams in a better way, on September 07, 2018, the Board’s Chairman Mr. Anand Kishore had a meeting with the other board members. In the meeting, several changes have been selected to be done.

Answer Sheet’s Colour will be Different

The board exams of matric and intermediate will be held in the two shift. So, the color of the answer sheets will be different for the candidates who will appear for the board exams in the different time slots. This change has been done for differentiating the candidates sat in the different time slots. It will also help in the surveillance of the students. This initiative will be helpful in the decrement of the issues related to the board exams.

Changes in OMR Sheet

To differentiate the middle part of the OMR sheet, the director of the Bihar Board has instructed to change the color of it. So, this year, the color of the middle part of the OMR Sheet will be different in comparison to the other two parts. He has also directed to increase the font of the instructions written on the sheet so that the students would not use this part to write anything.

Examiners will be given 30% Incentives

To motivate the examiners, Bihar Board is proposing to implement the evaluation incentive scheme. According to this scheme, if the examiners will check the answer sheet erroneously then they will be awarded by the 30% incentive.

Different Portals will be Created

BSEB is not making the changes in the examination conduction but also it will make the improvement regarding the complaints. So, it will be easier for the district education officers, examination centers, evaluation centers, students to share the issues related to the exams.

In the 2019 examinations, the board will pay extra attention towards the barcoding of the OMR sheets and of the Answer sheets. For the correct coding of the barcodes, 20% incentives will be paid.

Other Important Decisions

Some other necessary decisions have been taken by the Bihar board. For the practical exams, the answer sheets will be redesigned. just to avoid the errors, this year, a dummy answer sheet will be sent to the matric and intermediate students for the practice. If there will be any flaws in the centre report then the exam centre will be inspected within a month.

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