Bill To Eliminate

As per the reports, the Lok Sabha has been passed a new bill to eliminate “No Detention Policy” of Right to Education Act under Section 16 (Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act). Earlier, under this act, it was a law which states that no school student will be held back in any class until Elementary Education. So according to this, there are new provisions that have been made in the Education Act. Many have argued on this amendment by stating their own reasons.

The amended act states that there should be a regular examination for every student in class five and class eight at the end of every academic year. If a child fails in the regular examination then they are allowed to take the re-test. Thereafter, if children are still failing in that examination also then the State Government has the power to allow the schools to hold back a student. So it would completely be the choice of states whether to continue with this “No detention policy” or not.

According to the Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister for Human Resource Development, by taking this initiative students will not suffer at higher classes. Due to this, the students will be groomed at the initial level of education so that they will not face hurdle during boards examinations. Through this, they will be able to improve their learning skills as well.

Some states are still regressing this bill. According to them, this step will lead to a demotivation for children to learn for teachers to teach. Some argue that by detaining a child leads to dropouts. Students will not be able to focus on the precise factors that affect learning such as quality of teachers, schools, and assessment. However, they want that “No detention policy” should remain the constant. Whereas, some states still wish to stick on to the new amendment. Therefore, as per the reports, the states are free to take a call on this matter whether they want to implement it or not.

This measure is worthwhile for the students consequent to enhance their learning skills. It will bring an accountability to our Elementary Education System. On the other hand, it will enable all the students to attend the school in order to attain the knowledge and skills beyond rote-learning.


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