ANTHE 2018 Result Today;

Aakash Institute will release the ANTHE 2018 Result for class 8 and 9 today at 5:00 PM. For the Students of class 10, the result has already been released on November 10, 2018. The exam on October 28, 2018, took place to provide scholarships to students who want to pursue Engineering/Medical as there career option. Aakash will grant 100% scholarships to the students who will join the Institute for the preparation of the competitive exams.

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100% scholarships to top rankers

The top 50 rankers studying in class VIII and IX will get the 100% scholarships. It includes 100% waiver in Tuition, Registration, Admission, and Technology & Examination Fees. As the order of the rank increases numerically, the scholarships that will be granted to students will vary.

The top rankers between 51-150 will get 100% waiver except for Registration Fee which is chargeable. Following the same lead, rankers between 151-300 will get 90% fee waiver in Tuition Fee and 100% Fee waiver in Technology & Examination Fees. In the last category 301-800, students will get 85% fee waiver in Tuition Fee and rest are chargeable.

As the bracket of top rankers increases the tuition fee waiver will vary from 75% to 20%. After the allocation of top 800 students, the category for the scholarship is defined between 801-2000 to 75001-90000. Overall after the 300th rank, there is only fee waiver for tuition fee and rest of the fees are chargeable.

After the announcement of the result, candidates can avail the scholarship in the one or two-year classroom programmes offered by the institute. For the three or four year programmes, only candidates with top 35000 rank are eligible for the scholarship. Students joining the one year programme will get the benefits of scholarship for one year only.

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Cash Awards

Apart from the scholarship, the Aakash Institute will also grant Cash Awards to 150 Rankers. The cash awards are available to class 8 and 9 students who will join either the two-year long programme for NEET, AIIMS & Schools/Boards or long term digital course. The similar cash awards are available to class 10 students also who will join either the two-year long programme for JEE(Main & Advance) & School/Boards or long term digital course. Here is the representation for cash awards to class 8 & 9 students.

About Aakash: It is a leading institute assisting students to realize their dream by helping them to crack the competitive exams. The institute has a presence all over India providing coaching to the students interested in Engineering/ Medical fields. Every year, top rankers in JEE, NEET, AIIMS came from none other than the Aakash Institute. In CBSE NEET-UG 2018, a total of 61828 Aakashians qualified the exam.

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Img Source: Taken from ANTHE 2018 Brochure.

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