National Law University (NLU) conducted the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) 2019 on May 05, 2019. Many students who felt a sigh of relief after giving the Symbiosis Law paper a day before, felt the shock of their life. As per the student’s review, the paper was lengthy and difficult.

AILET 2019 Question Paper had a total of 150 questions which a candidate had to solve in a duration of 90 minutes. The question paper for AILET 2019 had questions from English, General knowledge, Legal Aptitude, Reasoning, Mathematics.

Overall the exam was pretty lengthy and difficult in general. GK was an intricate mix – from difficult to ostensibly easy questions. There were no current affairs questions from April 2019. Initial questions were tough, easy ones started questions pouring in off suddenly. English section was however easy, except the passage. Questions in the English section were of the type which students must have seen or done before. More number of questions were from Sentence Correction. Legal GK questions were very in- depth, and of different format. 

English section was no doubt lengthy but it actually depends on how good the student is in English. This section had mixed reviews of the students. If the candidates had managed their time wisely, they may have managed to finish this section in time. There were 08 moderate questions from Reading Comprehension, 03 moderate to difficult questions from Synonyms, 02 moderate to difficult questions from parts of speech, 10 easy to moderate questions from sentence correction, 06 easy to difficult questions from the figure of speech, and 06 easy questions from Cloze passage.

Anyone who attempted around 30 odd questions and gets around 22 + right, would have done a good attempt.

In the GK section, there were 8 questions based on Geography, 3 on science and technology, 6 on Banking and Economics, 2 on Awards, 2 on Sports. Questions such as on Best Film Award in Oscar or Bharat Ratna were easy to answer as per some students.

A score of 20-22-20 is considered good for this section.

Legal Reasoning section was lengthy like in the year 2018 as per some students. There were 13 questions based on Facts- Principler an into 8.25 pages. This section tested the knowledge of the candidates for the entire chapter. There were only 02 questions on Reason-Assertion followed by 20 questions of legal knowledge. The knowledge section was mostly current affairs with 10 questions based on recent judgements, amendments, acts and bills.

A score of 18-20 will be a good one for this section.

The Logical Reasoning section was a bit of surprise for the students as there were no puzzles except one on Selection based on Logical Connectives (If then). There was the usual type of questions such as Course of Action, Syllogisms, Cause and Effect, etc. One of the point to be noted is such type of questions are not difficult, however, students tend to make mistakes in these. There were 07 moderate to difficult questions from Puzzle, 03 easy to moderate questions from Course of action, 02 easy questions from Syllogisms, 03 easy to moderate questions from Analogies, 02 easy to moderate questions from Cause and effect, 05 moderate questions from Inference, 05 moderate questions from Critical reasoning. 

One the subject which almost every student fear is Mathematics. Many students to tend to skip maximum questions from it in the exam. However, in AILET 2019, there was about 5 to 7 easy pick out questions for the candidates. There were questions from Averages, Profit and Loss and Pipers and Cisterns which were lengthy as said by some students. However, questions on Number Systems, Venn Diagrams, Time Speed and Distance and even Mensuration were easy to solve. There were a total of 7 questions in Arithmetic out of the 10 which were not difficult to solve by many students.

As per newspaper reports, the expected cut for AILET 2019 shall be in the range of 75-77. The result for AILET 2019 is going to be announced by May 24, 2019, online at As per the unofficial sources, for AILET 2019, a total of 21509 applications were filed, which were 4000 more than the last year.

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