Delhi University’s 11 out of 21 colleges failed to appoint the permanent principal within the deadline made by the University Grant Commission (UGC). In the month of August, the UGC had warned 21 colleges of DU that it will hold back their grants if the permanent principals are not appointed by the end of October 31, 2018.

As a result of breaching the deadline for the appointment of the permanent principal UGC withheld the funds it had to remit to these 11 colleges. A meeting was also held between the UGC and Delhi University and it was decided that the funds will be withheld for some time.

5 % Funds are received by theses colleges from the Delhi government however upon asking Sanjeev Jha, MLA, Aam Aadmi Party said –  ” there was some confusion about the appointment criteria and governing bodies had written to UGC for clarification.

UGC had granted the duration of three weeks for the appointment of the regular principal in these colleges. In the time span of 21 days, only 10 out of 21 colleges were able to appoint the principal. Based on the news other 11 colleges have not started the process.

Gargi, Kamala Nehru, Motilal Nehru (both morning and evening), Shri Aurobindo (morning ), Maitreyi, Bharti, Satyawati (morning and evening), Rajdhani and Shaheed Bhagat Singh (evening) are the college’s name which failed to meet the deadline. Some of the officials expressed their concern about the limited time given to them for the appointment of the principals and such a procedure takes a lot of time.

The officials of some colleges made the statement that the time duration given by the UGC was not enough to complete the procedure of principal appointment and also added that the three week period provided by the UGC was not enough. Justifying the statement the officials also said the appointment of the principal is a lengthy procedure.

Harjeet Singh, Chairperson of the governing body of Rajdhani College, said that “The UGC should rather speed up the process of filling faculty post lying vacant in colleges across DU”.

Atul Kotra, chairperson of the governing body of Gargi College said that they have already shortlisted 14 candidates and a selection committee is to form for the selection of the three candidates. He also mentioned that the selection committee is selected by Delhi Universty and he has received the list of the member for selection panel but without the contact details.

Since past six years, there is no permanent principal in Rajdhani, and Gargi College. Tarun Das, DU registrar has not made any statement regarding the scenario.

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