On one hand, there are proposals on scrapping JEE Advanced, on the other hand, now the Government is suggesting a Panel which would discuss and resolve issues on why the number of students qualifying for JEE Advanced is dipping year after year. This will be 5 member panel which will be headed by IIT Madras Director, Bhaskar Ramamurthy. The other suggested members of this panel are Abhay Karandikar, director of IIT-Kanpur, Vineet Joshi, director general of National Testing Agency, and Professor Kannan Moudgalya of IIT-Bombay.

This proposal of creation of the panel will be discussed at the IIT Council meeting on August 21, 2018. IIT Council is the highest decision-making body of all the IITs.

The issue because of which this panel is suggested by the Government is that there is a very less number of candidates who are qualifying JEE Advanced. Actually, this number is dropping year after year. This year in the JEE Advanced only 18,138 candidates were there.  This is the smallest pool of qualified candidates since 2012.

As per a news report, since 2013, when IIT JEE was renamed JEE Advanced, the number of candidates who qualified had always been at least twice the number of seats on offer. But this year it was only 1.6 times the total seats.

As a result, as per the last minute order by the MHRD, IIT Kanpur the organising IIT of JEE Advanced 2018, added another 8,954 general candidates, 3,824 OBC candidates, 771 SCs and 293 from ST category to the merit list, taking the total up to 31,980 candidates – a list of candidates which was twice the number of seats in each discipline and category, strictly as per merit.

This was never done before. Thus, to avoid such an embarrassing situation in the future, the Government wants to construct this 5 member Panel. The aim of this Panel will be to develop a robust and scientifically designed entrance exam system to test the potential of the candidates as well as to reduce their dependence on coaching institutes.

This proposal of creating a panel is connected with another proposal that has suggested by few of the IITs to let the qualifying candidates select the IIT of their choice and not the engineering branch. According to the suggestion, the student should be allocated an engineering branch only in the second year, based on the aptitude exhibited in the first year.

Now other proposals of scrapping JEE Advanced, making JEE Main the only exam for IIT admissions and doing away with the B.Tech courses at the IITs are also to be discussed at the IIT Council meeting. However, the Governments proposal to form a Panel to reform JEE Advanced examination blurs the former proposals. Thus, on August 21, after the IIT council meeting, the fate of the JEE Advanced examination will be finalised.

Stay tuned with us for more news on JEE Advanced. Your opinions are welcome in the comment section below.

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  1. Only one exam is sufficient make 20 percentage questions advance level in jee main and make merit list

  2. Current Jee advanced exam is best for iit admission.imp reason for reduction in of students qualifying jee advance examination is that there is increase in copy malpractice in examination since highschool level& board examination in every state.student r depend on private classes is due poor quality of education in government college.so not reform jee advance examination but reform examination method & stop copy malpractice in examination.

  3. Jee main & advanced both be clubbed as one with 2 papers and should be conducted twice a year with a gap 5 to 6 months

  4. I think scrapping jee advanced will do wonders for the hard working students who have potential but don’t get adms in’IITs’….and moreover it will not degrade the quality of ‘IITs’as many sc/st and others are still getting adms despite scoring below average

  5. JEE Advanced has its unique role among all National level competitive exams. Why unnecessarily disturbing the system. Every body is dreaming in joining IIT. With new innovative bad ideas they are killing the sense is advanced exam.
    Plz don’t spoil the dreams of the IIT aspirants

  6. Only one exam will definitely reduce the burden on students. But whatever the decision must be implemented full heartedly and to change again and again.

  7. this is very embrassiing situation for us . After taking coaching and paying a lakh to them and going to kota we are not able to qualify the exam.so a serious discussion is needed and to make all necessary action.
    i think we are becomining fool by coaching

  8. 40% of the students who opt for pcm they don’t have aim to be an engineer but to be an IITian of it deserves to be difficult ..
    If jee advance will be easy then few undeserving ones may get into IIT so everything is going well and good …
    No need of any changes..

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