National Testing Agency has started its work. NEET which was held by CBSE until now will be held by NTA this year.” said HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar in his opening lines today at NTA NEET 2019 press meet. He added that the NTA NEET 2019 exam will be held in computer based test mode.

Making the exam computer based will bring transparency and accountability.

Syllabus, exam pattern, languages, and exam fee will not change. Candidates may note that nothing is changing in the exam except that the same questions will come on computer screen and they have to select answers.

NEET 2019: NTA, Online Test, Twice A Year, Exam Dates (Confirmed)

Since syllabus or exam pattern is not changing, students preparing for NEET 2019 should continue their preparations as before. Only they should now note that they will have to attempt it on a computer.

Computer based exam – more secure, and on more international standards”, emphasized the HRD Minister in his speech.

NEET 2019: NTA, Online Test, Twice A Year, Exam Dates (Confirmed)

There are 13 lakh students in NEET, the national level medical entrance exam.

NEET 2019 Exam Date and complete schedule has been handed over to those present in the press conference. The tentative time table is given below. Javadekar said that the final dates will be announced shortly.

NEET 2019: NTA, Online Test, Twice A Year, Exam Dates (Confirmed)

The official website of NEET 2019, which is yet to be disclosed, will publicly announce all important details of the exam.

NEET 2019 will be held twice a year. “This is what students had been demanding for long. They were upset that the exam was held only once. What if someone falls ill or something happens, then they did not get another chance and the year got wasted. Now year won’t get wasted. Now NEET will be held in February as well in May.” With this, Prakash Javadekar disclosed the timeline of NEET exam.

NEET 2019: NTA, Online Test, Twice A Year, Exam Dates (Confirmed)

Candidates can appear for one or both exams. Best score out of two will be used for admission. So now students will get two chances in a year, which they did not get earlier.

Computer based test centres will be announced soon. This will tell where all candidates will be able to go for exam. there only, students will be able to go and take the test.

Candidates can practice computer based tests either from home or at exam centres from August end or September.

The facility to practice NEET 2019 online computer based tests at the centres will be free of cost. So students who are not able to do so at home can avail it.

NEET 2019 computer based test will be held on multiple dates. Candidates can select any date.

All these are big changes. These will be beneficial to students. Exam won’t leak. The exam will be of international level. Being computer based, students will find it easier. Results will also be declared sooner. Other processes will also be faster.” HRD Minister said, pointing out the benefits of changes in NEET 2019.

National Testing Agency is a major educational reform. What are your views on NTA NEET 2019? Let us know in the comments section below.

You can watch the complete press meet here where HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar announces NTA NEET 2019 exam dates and major changes.

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  1. If there are two exams in a year will the seats for colleges be halved for each exam?Or will they extend seats?
    Example:govt collges have a max of 150 seats…so will it be halved to 75+75 or doubled to 150+150=300?

    • There isnt any clarification on this yet. However what could happen is is this – students appear in Jan / Feb exam. Then students appear in Apr / May exam. Then students of Jan / Feb , Apr / May take admission together in June-July counselling.

      • If common counselling will occur for both Feb and May paper, the candidates appearing in Feb paper will still have to wait till July for counselling and admission. Total number of months they have to give yet remain the same. How does this solve the problem of 1 year time gap then?

  2. It is nice that student wil;l get chances twice to clear the best result as wellas the computer exam. & faclity of training on computer too.

  3. i gave two chances before this decision can i appear in both the next may and feb exams or only one ?and seats vill remain same or not?

  4. Thanks a lot for this new law but one question plz
    what are the centres for the practice NEET 2019 online computer based tests at the centres will be free of cost.
    Kindly share

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