There are only a few days left for JEE Main 2018. The examination in pen and paper mode will be held on April 08, 2018, whereas the CBT mode examination will be conducted on April 15 and April 16, 2018. These last few days will play a very crucial role for all the aspiring candidates aiming to crack the JEE mains this year. Thus, what are the important preparation tips that one must indulge into to ace the preparations?

Many experienced JEE Main candidates have supported the notion that solving Previous Years Papers will help with the last minute preparations. Many of us gather the previous years question papers but end up solving none or a few of them. But it is very crucial to dig up as many previous years question papers and solve them with utmost dedication. “Why so?” you may ask. Here are the many benefits of solving the Previous Years Question Papers.

You get to know the weightage: It is crucial while preparing that you know, which area or which topics require more importance than few other topics. You will also understand the weightage of NCERT questions and Non-NCERT questions. This will help you give direction to your preparations.

JEE Main 2018

Thus, it is clear that more than 50% questions in JEE Main are based on NCERT. One can say that NCERT Textbooks is the bible for JEE Main preparations.

You will know the trends of questions asked: Yes, you will be able to stay updated with the trends that have been seen in JEE Main examination in the previous years. How the difficulty level has increased or decreased, how the weightage of topics fluctuate, which out of class 12 or class 11 syllabus is given more importance etc. On this basis, you can guess what to expect this year and prepare accordingly for JEE Main 2018.

Solving previous years papers will help you understand the level you need to achieve: You will be able to know what is the level that you need to match up with. You may be preparing well, but until you are able to measure the preparation, it is not a full proof preparation. Candidates who truly want to crack JEE Main must be able to compare whether or not they are achieving the JEE Main level. Solving previous years question papers and checking their answers with the help of previous years JEE Main answer keys will help you know the level you need to achieve.

Enhances Time Management: Creating mock tests of your own with the help of the previous years question papers will help you increase your speed and manage your time in the examination. By creating a mock test using the previous years question papers, you will have created a real JEE Main examination environment. Plan the time you are going to spend for difficult and lengthy questions and use this plan on the day of examination.

You will understand what is actually demanded out of you in JEE Main: The most important thing, you will be able to understand the expectations of the JEE Main examination. The examination aims to test your basic concepts and how strong your understanding of the subject is. Having a crystal clear concept is all that you need. Thus, the previous years question papers will help you know what is truly expected out of you and how you can match those expectations.

Self-analysis at its best: While a candidate solves the question papers and compare the answers using the answer keys, they have their JEE Main score for each paper, which in turns help them compare their scores and know if they improving or not. The scores can be compared with the JEE Main previous years cutoff marks and thus one can analyse how far or near they stand from the expected cutoff marks.

Also, the toppers of JEE Main strongly recommend solving Previous Years Question Papers.

“The previous years’ question papers – from 2013 to 2016 – boosted my confidence. Moreover, students should also read NCERT as alot is been taken from the course books.”

-KalpIt VEERwal (air 1, JEE Main 2017)

In an interview with the Indian Express he said that, during the last few days before the exam, he depended on revising the important notes, solving a lot of question papers and taking mock tests.

So, the aspirants of JEE Main 2018, now you know Why Solving Previous Year Papers Is Crucial. Get set and start solving at least two previous years question paper each day. Although you might also want to stay prepared for few out of the box and tricky questions as surprise elements which the previous years question papers might not include.

All the very Best!

If you have any query regarding JEE Main 2018 Preparation or you need any help with JEE Main resources like sample papers, question papers, answer keys, important books, etc. do comment and let us know. We are here to help!

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