Majority of JEE Main 2018 Aspirants are going through their class 12 board exams right now. With two subjects down, Physics and Chemistry, candidates will be appearing for Mathematics on the 21st of this month. With CBSE class 12th Exams ending by third week of March, candidates will have more than 15 days to pull up there socks and give final touches to JEE Main 2018 preparation.

JEE Main 2018 will be conducted on April 8, 2018 (Pen & Paper based) and on 15, 16 April 2018, (Online Papers). You need a solid plan to use these precious 15 days for making sure that the exam is qualified with flying colours. If dedication helps you sail with the current, it planning that gets you through. The most important characteristic that will define your plan is the speed at which you approach your topics and program those in your brains.

Here is the deal, with 15 days left ask these questions to yourself:

How to prepare for jee main 2018 after board exam

The above questions are the most important part of JEE Main preparation process and we commonly call it ‘Self Analysis’. One of the most important things every candidate must practise at every stage of their preparation. So when you have asked these questions there can be the following possibilities in each of the cases:

Do you know the important chapters?

Yes, I do! – That is great. All you need to do focus on these chapters only, as these chapters will save you in the last minute preparation. Make sure these chapters and the formulas they have, are at the tip of your tongue. Just brush up your memory. Do not end up reading the whole chapter, just the important parts. You have only 15 days to cover important topics from all the subjects. JEE Main is all about testing how strong your basics are and how accurately you can solve the questions, thus make sure you have speed in solving the questions but also you have a good accuracy too.

No, I do not!– Know the important Chapters of JEE Main 2018. You must know them right now because you will need to focus your last minute preparation towards them only. They might help you qualify the exam safely if properly prepared.

Do you know your strength and weaknesses?

Since you are going through your board exams and you are done with the chemistry and physics subject exams, you must be knowing which chapters you have done well in and which of them are not so well prepared.

With this advantage in your hand, you will be able to figure out on which areas you need to invest your energy and effort. Whether it is the theory part or the numerical, there are certain chapters that you need to go through all over again that are important for JEE Main 2018, your board exam must have helped you figure out these. Thus you will need to work on your weakness.

You also know your most well-prepared topics, thus make sure you make them your strength. Revise them again and they might help you crack JEE Main 2018. Rushing through the whole syllabus in the last 15 days will do no good. Concentrate on your strengths and the important areas and you will be good to go!

Do you know all the formulas?…All of them?

Make sure in the last minute preparation, you have covered all the formulas, not just the important ones but all of it. This is because formulas are the key to solving most of the questions in JEE Main examination. If you know the formulas, you can apply to the questions that you are not certain about. If you have a clear concept, applying formulas are easy. And with the board exam preparation, most of your concepts should be clear by now.

Have you started solving the question papers/mock tests?

Do get your hand on as many sample papers or previous year question papers and solve them daily. The 15 days between the board exams and the JEE Mains 2018 are the most crucial and the most challenging. You must be thorough with the exam pattern and the marking scheme of the examination and thus it is important you solve at least four sample paper daily. Spend more time in solving sample papers and taking mock tests than on just revising the chapters. This will help you with practice and time management too.

What to do in the 15 days gap between the Board Exams and JEE Main Exam?

So now you have the resources that you need for the 15 days preparation, you have the sample papers with the answer keys and the important chapters. So you are ready to start with your preparation timetable. But first, you must know the dos and don’ts. Read below.

JEE Main 2018

With candidates concluding their mathematics exam on April 21, 2018, preparation for JEE Main must begin from this day onwards. Follow the points below to know what to do and what not to do during these 15 days:

What to do:

  1. Revise the important chapters.
  2. Revise all the formulas.
  3. Solve Sample Papers/Previous Years Question papers
  4. Practice the Mock tests
  5. Work on your most well prepared important topics, i.e. work on your strengths.
  6. Set a target for each day. Say, completing 200 questions from any one subject in a day, or completing 5 sample paper in a day.
  7. Recall the important topics you have prepared for the board exams.
  8. Wake up early to start the day as soon s possible. Eat healthy to keep your body and mind strong.
  9. Solve some tricky questions and discuss them with your guide. Discussions will help you retain them for a longer period of time.
  10. Focus on preparation and not on the exam. Stay Calm and work hard.

What not to do:

  1. Try not to cover the entire syllabus, just the important topics.
  2. Focus on the strengths more than on the weaknesses. Practice trickier questions from your strengths rather than the weaknesses. This may demoralize you.
  3. Do not linger away from the plan. Practicing and working on strength this 15 days should be the centre of your plan.
  4. Do not leave any formula unrevised.
  5. Do not get lazy or start procrastinating between the preparation. Remember each second will count during these 15 days.

The latest event in JEE Main 2018, is that the JEE Main 2018 Admit Card was released on March 12, 2018. The candidates must check the details and download the JEE Main 2018 Admit Card as soon as possible to avoid last minute rush. Along with the Admit card, you will have to carry a photo id proof in the examination hall.

All the very best to the aspirant of JEE Main 2018, hard work is all you need!

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