Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) is conducting TISSNET computer-based test on January 13, 2019. The exam will take place in 39 cities in one slot for admission to M.A. course offered by TISS. Apart from exam preparation, it is important to follow the exam rules to avoid any hassle during the test. Most importantly, carry TISSNET 2019 Admit Card and identity proof on the test day.

As an important instruction, candidates must reach the allotted exam center before the reporting time ie 01:00 PM. There is no entry after 01:45 PM in the exam hall. Students must not carry any debarred items and need to leave such items outside the test premises. On the exam day, test takers will get the rough sheet and pen to attempt the test. It is necessary that candidates sign the attendance sheet during the exam. Pwd candidates will get extra 30 minutes to complete the test.

5 Key Rules for TISSNET 2019 Exam

TISSNET Preparation Tips

As only a few days has been left for the exam, candidates must not over-burden themselves with something new. In the last days, revise the formulas & concepts and practise previous year question papers, especially for the General Awareness questions.

In the TISSNET examination, GK section can give a candidate distinguished advantage and can boost the exam scores as well. So, instead of reading a lot of current affairs and static GK now, candidates can revise the details of important events happened last year. For example, Oscar winners, national awards, sports achievement etc.

The GK section in the TISSNET is generally dominated by static GK as compared to current affairs. So, revise important committees, authors of famous books, India’s GDP, famous dance, festivals, Judgement etc. The best way to read about the important topics is to refer the previous year questions paper, pick a topic and read the detailed information related to the same topic.

For example, for the last two year, there has been questions based on the judgement like “Vishakha Judgement was based on?”. So read the famous cases similar to this. Also, read about schemes by government and their specifications. Questions based on current affairs like person in news, latest dignitary visiting the country can be answered if candidates are reading newspapers regularly.

Just take the light reading and do not try to cram a lot of information now. Many questions can be answered using the “elimination option” method. In case, there is confusion between two options, then choose the most likely option to take the chances. Do not leave questions un-attempted as there is no negative marking in the TISSNET examinations.

GK can be completed in a maximum of 5 minutes. Candidates can utilize the rest of the time in maximizing the scores in the other two sections. English section of the TISS is easy if candidates have revised the grammar rules, vocabulary etc. Reading comprehension is also do-able. In logical reasoning, practice cubes, statement-conclusion-reasoning, arrangements, complete the series etc. For quant revise formulas and in the exam read the data for Data Interpretation questions carefully.

All the Best for TISSNET 2019!

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