National Testing Agency (NTA) conducted the JEE Mains Paper-I in two shifts on January 09. Surprisingly, 25% of the registered candidates didn’t appear for the JEE Mains examination that day. It is surprising to note that such a significant amount of students chose to not appear in this much-touted examination.

The JEE Main 2019 Answer Key for all the shifts are being released on the memory basis after the exam. NTA will release the official answer key 1 week after the exam is over for all the 5 days.

Also this year since the exam is being held in the online mode, there are no hardcopy of the JEE Main 2019 Question Paper available. Thus, after the exam is over the questions are available on the basis of the candidate’s memory.

Unnikrishnan, the coordinator of NTA, imparted some clarity regarding this issue and explained that this 25% of the candidates may have been unable to appear because of the general strike, which affected the Transportation system.

Then it is plausible that a good portion of these candidates missed the exam because a candidate is also given a second attempt this year. JEE Mains will be held again in April and candidates will get a second chance.

This year JEE Mains is being conducted in the online mode, a comprehensive change from the Pen and Paper Test. It must also be noted that this year the ranking will be grounded upon the Percentile, and not on candidate’s marks like past years. Despite the absence of a considerable amount of students, the hype around JEE Mains remained the same throughout India. Students are given two attempts this year and the exam is held in multiple sessions.

Candidates who took the JEE Mains Paper-I in Shift 1, recorded that the exam conducted by NTA is tougher than the ones conducted by the CBSE. They saw Maths as the most difficult of all the subjects and also spoke of the lengthy Physics section. The examination also contained more questions from 11th Class than 12th Class. Candidates also noted that there were direct questions from NCERT, especially in Chemistry.

The reactions of the candidates, who gave the January 09 exam in the Second Shift implied that the examination was tough. As per the input given by the candidates, the Chemistry section was perceived as easy, whereas the Physics section was considered more challenging and the Maths section was seen as relatively moderate. The Physics section was seen both lengthy and calculation intensive, while Mathematics seemed extensive. The candidates also noted that more questions were asked from the 11th Class curriculum than the 12th class curriculum.

This year, instead of CBSE, NTA is conducting the JEE Mains. JEE Main is held for the candidates, who wish to pursue their Graduation in the esteemed and heralded Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the National Institute of Technology (NIT). There are three subjects in the JEE Main Examination syllabus, i.e. Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.

Students who qualify JEE Main, then have to take a JEE Advanced exam to move further in the Admission procedure for the IITs. JEE Mains Paper I is of 360 marks and each question is of 4 marks. If there is an incorrect answer, then 1 mark is deducted. JEE Mains will also release the Response Sheet and the Answer Key, which will give students a fair idea about the expected score in the JEE Mains exam.

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