Medical aspirants throughout the nation kept on re-visiting, in hopes to check their AIIMS MBBS 2017. As per the official notice, the result for the MBBS entrance exam was supposed to be announced on June 14, 2017. Then why was it not declared on the due date?

We even called AIIMS Delhi and was assured that the result will be announced after 6:00 pm on 14th June. The entire day went by and the medical aspirants had to finally surrendered and made peace with the fact that they need to wait longer in order to know their result.

So what actually happened? AIIMS MBBS 2017 Entrance Exam Paper Leaked!

While everyone was busy in checking updated regarding result on the official website, “News18” release a news article stating that the AIIMS Delhi will not be announcing the result because it is suspected that the paper was released on the exam day.

The article further explained that the MBBS result will not be announced because “AIIMS has constituted a committee to probe alleged paper leak of MBBS exam following the complaint by activist Dr. Anand Rai”, read the article.

Apart from this, the rest of article echoes generic details on the AIIMS entrance exam result and the procedure to check it.

But was the Question Paper of AIIMS MBBS Actually leaked?

The news update was enough to give panic attack to the medical students, who are still trying to overcome the NEET dispute.

However, AIIMS panel was quick to recognize the seriousness of the situation and sent out word that question paper of the exam was not leaked. However, the panel did confirm the rumours of cheating at the exam centre.

“The AIIMS committee in its report has stated that some candidates had indulged in cheating in connivance with the officials of the examination centre in Uttar Pradesh. The medial institute through its internal mechanism has identified the candidates and the centre”, as mentioned in Indian Express.

Counter fire by Dr. Anand Rai

Dr. Rai has criticised the announcement by the panel and pointed out that AIIMS never contacted him to know how he got the snapshot of the question paper. “I want to ask them whether they have done the forensic investigation on the source of information? Have they investigated the two centres involved in the paper leak?”

Varied Opinion

Now, the medical community is bifurcated on the matter. While some believe that the panel has made the matter clear, the other pounder on Dr. Rai’s allegation and demand AIIMS to answer the queries.

If the question paper of AIIMS MBBS 2017 has actually been leaked then the students should start preparing for the re-test. However, it has been noticed several times that AIIMS announced result a day after the due date.

So it is advised that the students stay calm and wait for more day. The medical students in India were already facing rough time with NEET and now delay in AIIMS is making the matter worst.

What are your views on the matter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. It’s a matter of serious concern. These examination panels should be under strict policy by the government. These matters come up every year, each year being worse than the previous one.

  2. The matter should be solved through proper investigation and AIIMS should make sure that any candidate who does n’t deserve a seat into the prestigious institution should n’t get it under any circumstances and also AIIMS should make report submitted by the fact finding committee and all reports connected with the case public.

  3. If proper investigation is done, why committee not inquired with Dr. Anand Rai – complainant / Social Worker. He is the main and first person to be inquired into. This itself shows that investigation is improper and even partial.

  4. The exam of AIIMS was online and therefore question paper does not come out in public domain and If Dr. Anand Rai received snapshot of question paper as alleged by him, then it clearly establish that much had gone wrong in the exam process. And on this issue itself, a writ could be filed in Hon’ble Supreme Court U/Art. 32 and also before the Hon’ble High Court U/Art.226 of Constitution of India, for cancellation of exam process and for retest, as authority has to always fair & just in their act and beyond any clouds of doubt.

  5. It is heard that ranker 1 to 10 of aiims mbbs 2017 exam are only from 1 institute of Kota. Is it true?
    If Yes, then it support allegations of Dr. Anand Rai – Complainant / social worker and writ challenging AIIMS exam process and for retest could be filed in Court of Law.

  6. “The AIIMS committee in its report has stated that some candidates had indulged in cheating in connivance with the officials of the examination centre in Uttar Pradesh.”
    If that is so, then it clearly establishes that something went wrong in exam process.

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