There is no exact moment we can describe as to when and what can inspire us to such a great extent that it drives us into a complete frenzy until we reach our goal. Who could have imagined that falling of an apple from a tree which is nothing but the most trivial event in everyday life could lead Newton to invent theory of gravity and 3 laws of motion. Or for example how can a boy from a poor family who had no resources to complete his education could top a qualifying exam. You may have come across such people who will tell you that they used to study day and night to clear an exam and after they top the charts, they share their inspirational stories.

You feel envy of them and deny the possibility that 20 hours a day could be invested to get good scores. The truth is friends that these people who top, toil hard to get at that position. There is no denial to the fact that only hard work can get you closer to your dreams. If you want to see yourself in their place, then all you have to do is dedicate your heart and soul.

Today we are going to discuss about such people who have topped the qualifying exams and what we can learn from them. Let us see it in pointers for you to plan as well.

#1 Strategy

Boards can be a stressful year. Students need to make strategies from the beginning of their class. Studying for the last 3-4 months can not help you achieve your goal. Make schedule for yourself and implement it everyday. Do not keep work lagging. Solve practice papers as much as you can. Have a Systematic work plan. Design schedule as per your own convenience. To avoid last minute jitters, make sure that cover the targeted goals by the end of the day.

#2 Self Study Tips

As much as it is important to attend the school so that new concepts can be started, it is also important for you to study by yourself. Make sure that you revise what you have learnt in the school when you get back home. Make a list of the doubts that you faced during studying and get them cleared the next day. Consult teachers for best books to practice from.

#3 Coaching Classes is not mandatory

Relying on coaching classes for an effective study plan is not mandatory. All you need is the correct methodology. Focus and hard work are the 2 keys but do not forget to have fun in the middle. Hopping from one coaching to another drives you crazy leaving you with an anti- static state of mind. Take time out to enjoy your studies. Analyse for yourself where you stand

#4 Clearing Doubts Works Best

It is said that a knot is the weakest link in the rope. This resembles exactly alike our practice, our self study is the rope and not clearing the doubts is the knot. When we face any problem while self studying and we do not clear it within the given time, it takes the form of the problem that becomes the obstruction in our success. It is absolutely crucial to clear your doubts next day. Ask your teachers for guidance, they will help you.

#5 Have Fun

It is not at all necessary to become a bookworm. Second of all it is not possible to succeed if you do not enjoy your studies. The purpose of study is to gain knowledge not stress. Find ways to make your studies enjoyable. Think of it as story telling. Enact out chapters from history to understand them better. Use real props to learn formulas. Stay calm and cool. Figure out what energises you spend some time doing what you love, it will keep you freshened up. Get back to work. There is no hard and fast rule as to the hours you need to spend studying one concept. What is important that you understand what has been taught to you.

#6 No Experimenting With Books

Stay clear about the books your teachers suggest. Do not buy unnecessary material that has not been prescribed. Buy NCERT Books / prescribed books only for reading basic concepts for subjects. Candidates get caught when they want to decide which book to study and they end asking the bookkeeper which book to buy. As if he has done a PhD. Guys he will only give you the one that costs the most. You need to be diligent and know which book will serve the purpose for you. Read the preface and the content first. Check syllabus. Toppers suggest that reading any other book the the prescribed books is a simple waste of time and money.

#7 Social Media Is A Distraction

Social media is one of the distractions that could cost you dropping from top to just being an average scorer. These become hindrances in implementing your plan on time and create unnecessary pressure. The moment you take stress, you feel demotivated and might end up dropping or missing a day’s target. Do not let that happen. Toppers advise that keep your phones or any electronic gadget away while studying. Do not use calculator to solve mathematical problems from the beginning. Watch less television. Do not be mislead into postponing your work even your friends suggest you to do so, if you want to avoid pressure lines. However, basic amount of pressure is essential to keep you attentive but not to the the level that it overpowers you. Do not let stress become your master. Always keep it under control.

#8 Extracurricular Activities Are Part Of Study

Engage yourself into Umpteen activities offered in school. Strike the right balance between studies and participating in extracurricular activities. They motivate you and help you rejuvenated. Taking participation in other activities is also a good way releasing stress. It provides outlet to your unsaid emotions.

#9 Deciding The Right Amount Of Hours Of Study

Toppers say that at least 10-12 hours of study is must. It not only clear your doubts but leaves space for experimenting with the methodology you adopt. If you get ample amount of hours, you can choose which strategy works best for you whether studying in day time or studying at night. Do not run after a lot of things. Keep focus. Right amount of energy needs to be exercised.

We hope that these tips will help you when you implement them.

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