The Office of the Director of Government examinations Telangana has announced exam dates and fee remittance dates for D.El.Ed first year exam for 2017-19 batch. Those studying in Diploma of Elementary Education are hereby informed that the exams will be held in the month of May 2018.

Students may further note that the syllabus that is being followed for 2017-19 batch’s exam in May 2018 is the modified syllabus. Hence one should prepare as per the new syllabus only to appear in this exam. The same has been approved by the Government.

Candidates who had failed in earlier batches from 2015-17 and have studied the new syllabus can appear for this exam. This means that those students who could not pass either in 2015-17, or 2016-18 and studied new syllabus can sit for the D.El.Ed TS exams in May 2018.

The key dates to be noted by candidates and principals are as follows.

January 29, 2018: availability of web link to upload applications.

February 1, 2018: last date of remittance of fee by candidates.

February 2, 2018: last date of remittance of fee by the principals in Govt treasury.

February 8, 2018: last date of remittance of fee with late fee of Rs 50 by candidates.

February 9, 2018: last date of remittance of fee with late fee of Rs 50 by the principals in Govt treasury.

Regular candidates need to pay fee of Rs 150. Remittance of fee has to be done separately for regular and once failed candidates through separate consolidated challans. Whereas once filed candidates with one subject need to pay Rs 100, two subjects require Rs 120, three subjects require 140, and four or more subjects require Rs 150.

The D.El.Ed or Diploma in Elementary Education program was designed to facilitate teacher education curriculum. A suggestive syllabi was developed for different teacher education programs at the level of NCTE in order to facilitate the teacher education institutions and examining/affiliating bodies to revise their teacher education curriculum. Each part of the syllabus has specific marks allotted to it in terms of theory and practical. In practical the marks are further divided among internal and external.

Elementary education helps on learn about various subjects that they may teach as an elementary level teacher. After completing diploma in elementary education one can teach at educational institutes at the elementary level.

D.El.Ed can be studied after class 12 / intermediate. One who aspires to become a teacher can appear in the entrance exams that lead to admission in District Institute of Education and Training (DIETs) that teach D.El.Ed. In Telangana, the entrance exam for the same is TS DEECET.

One one hand, candidates can start teaching as elementary teachers after passing D.El.Ed. On the other hand they can do B.Ed for TGT or go for PG for PGT.

What are your views on the new syllabus for D.El.Ed? Do you think there is a lot of difference between the old and new syllabi of D.El.Ed? Share your thoughts in comments below!

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