Centre is now open to allow Tamil Nadu exemption from National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). The Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Nirmala Seetharman, concluded the ongoing dispute by stating that the centre is ready to accord exemption of TN, only if the state reason out the demerits of admission via NEET for the rural candidates. ‘If the state government promulgate an ordinance asking the for exception for NEET this year, the Centre is ready to agree with that demand,’ said Seetharaman. Pon Radhakrishnan also added, “Students have been seeking exemption from NEET. Seetharman and I have been campaigning for exemption from NEET for Tamil Nadu,”

To this, C. Vijaya Baskar, State Health Minister, wasted no time in confirming his consultation meet with chief minister Eddapadi K Palaniswami the for issuance of the ordinance. He also confirmed that soon an ordinance, for the exemption of medical admission via NEET, will be submitted to the Central Government. The ordinance will be drafted to allow “this year’s admission” on the basis of the class XII score.

Despite the favorable gesture, Seetharman also cleared out that the exemption will only be granted for admission in government colleges and the government quota seats in private medical colleges. Speaking to various news reporters, she candidly told that the permanent exemption of the state from NEET is not possible.

Earlier this month, the state submitted a draft copy of the ordinance, seeking 2 years exemption from National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test, to the Center. However, green signal for ordinance required ‘prior consent’ from the Union Home Minister and a Governor’s Ascent. Now that the nod has been given by the authority, the exemption from common admission process seems more realistic.

In Tamil Nadu, the process to grant admission through entrance exam was scrapped because meritious rural region candidates were not able to afford coaching. Hence, the entire admission procedure in the state was done on the basis of School Board Exam performance. The introduction of NEET, on the other hand, will again lead to the same road and the rural region candidates will be at loss. Hence, the exemption from NEET is being sought aggressively.  

“As far as the private colleges (management quota seats) and deemed universities are concerned, the admission of students is already being done as per NEET. The problem comes only in terms of government medical college admissions and also in terms of seats surrendered by private colleges to the government, i.e., for around 4,000 seats. Students from rural areas are finding it difficult to get admissions through NEET — that is our understanding based on the interaction with the State,” said Seetharaman.

The State Health Department officials, told a prestigious newspaper, “The ordinance would be drafted in such a way that it does not hit the concept of NEET itself,”. The Tamil Nadu MBBS and BDS counselling 2017 was due to begin from July 17, 2017. However, looking at the expanded scope to escape NEET, TN has put a hold on the counselling process. Students of the state are most affected by the chaos and the delay in admission. To this, Vijaya Basker has assured that the State government will propose a solution for the next year as well. So that the candidates do not have to suffer any further.

Medical students throughout the nation are troubled since long. In 2013, NEET was introduced and in 2014 it was scrapped. Then in 2015, AIPMT was re-conducted due to answer key irregularities and in the year 2016 the decision to revive NEET came to light few days before AIPMT exam date. NEET 2017 saw answer key leak and question paper in varied languages scam. Despite it all,  troubles don’t seem at bay.

How long will the medical aspirants have to suffer, until Center, State, and prominent medical bodies formulate a permanent solution? What are your views on the matter, speak up your mind and let us know, comment below!

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  1. Is it right to make students take neet and now having cleared it, gave them all the hope and at the final moment when all other admissions are over,leave them in the lurch. Little do the officials understand or care is that at this juncture admissions in all other colleges already stands closed. So where do these students go?

  2. WE WANT NEET for Tamilnadu..

    I’m here to bring your kind notice that in TN polititians are playing game in students life. For past 10 years from 2007-2017 merely 230 govt.school students have got MBBS seat out of around 32,000 seats. We have sacrificed 1 to 2 years for NEET on believing CBSE, SC, and Central health ministry which promised last year.
    But now the polititians of TN have got bribes from private schools and from self financing medical colleges and coming vaguely to oppose NEET.. The reason they saying is purely humbak..
    If central government is the lover of truth, it should stand on behalf of students side who believed in it and in SC. Don’t stand on side of forgery by TN polititians.
    We want NEET for TN… Don’t give permission for this 2017 NEET exception and reject TN ‘s ordinance..
    Please don’t play in students life and in their emotions. Urge TN to release rank list on NEET basis and to complete councelling before August 31.

  3. India is a country of rural areas / villages. What Tamil nadu want to say, all the villages have concentrated in Tamil nadu only? There are so many states where minimum infrastructure is not available. If their rural area student can go for NEET, why not a developed state like Tamil nadu can’t do it? Is Tamil nadu not belongs to India and not follow the law of the land? All the guardian of NEET qualified students should write letters to PMO and if required go to Supreme court.

  4. Please don’t exempt Tamil Nadu from neet 2017…we worked hard over neet ..don’t play with our children future…when almost others states have closed the medical admissions..n we being native of Tamil Nadu…where do we stand after this last moment decision…

  5. Mr.modi please do not exempt Tamil Nadu from neet 2017..we students of Tamil Nadu r no less capable than other states…when other states can take neet y not Tamil Nadu.. please don’t allow political games into medical education…it is our kind requisition.

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