As per the news reports, the Tamil Nadu MBBS / BDS Admission will begin from July 17, 2017. The online registration for it will start from June 27, 2017, announced the Health Secretary J. Radhakrishnan.

So far, the counselling and the procedure seems upright. However, there is an inescapable catch. The state has decided that the counselling to fill 85% seats in the state will only be held for the state board students. Hence, the students of Tamil Nadu who did pass class 12th from CBSE, ICSE or any other board cannot participate in the state counselling. They will only be granted admission through the MCC’s NEET 2017 counselling for the 15% All India Quota seats.

“Medical admissions in the state will be completely based on NEET rank. However, after surrendering 15% for all-India quota, we want to reserve 85% of the remaining seats for state board students,” stated by a senior official.

The baffling decision was announced by the Health Minister C. Vijayabaskar, in the Assembly meeting. He made it clear that the admission will be granted on the basis of NEET 2017 score but only the students of state board will be granted admission. Now, as per it, the following is the seat distribution matrix for the government seats.

TN Medical Admissions 2017

The state has taken the decision to protect the interests of the state board candidates. Out of 3.46 lakh students in the state, with Biology as a core subject, only 4675 belonging to CBSE stream. Among the total, only 80000 appeared for NEET 2017. Hence, the majority of TN candidates were not familiar with CBSE syllabus that was the syllabus for NEET as well and supposedly did not got a fair chance to crack the exam.

“Of the 80,000 TN students who wrote NEET, at least 90% were from the state board. However, 50% of the questions asked in NEET were out-of-state syllabus for the state board students,” said an official.

On the flip side, MK Stalin the president of DMK has also appealed to the President of India to pass the NEET bill. The bill basically seeks exemption of Tamil Nadu from NEET 2017. If the bill is passed before the due date, then the State Counselling through NEET will be canceled and the class 12th marks will be used to grant admission.

“The only solution to safeguard the interest of the students in the state is to work towards securing the presidential assent to the NEET bill passed unanimously in the state legislature,” said Stalin.

When NEET was enforced, the interested of rural candidates was raised as an issue. To this, Union Health Minister JP Nadda advised the state government to give reservation to the rural region candidates. However, no such initiative was taken by the government.

The consequences following the NEET row do not seem any better. The national board students of Tamil Nadu is now concerned for its admission under government seat. Is the state actually doing it all to protect the interests of the students or is a brilliant move to increase the pressure and get a nod for the passing the bill? What are your views on the matter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. If the TN govt wants to give priority for state board syllabus, then why the CBSE schools should exist in the state. Though it was made clear during last year itself, why the state didn’t augment the syllabus to compete for NEET. Whether our govt is afraid of CBSE or underestimating the capabilities of our TN students
    This decision will spoil and restrict our students to update their knowledge and in turn they will face difficulty in competing with competitive exams like JEE, NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, GATE, CAT,etc.
    If the 85% continue to exist, CBSE schools will vanish in the state slowly and the knowledge of students as well
    Every one should think and act for betterment of the state and students

  2. This is one end of the spectrum, the other end being Globally Competitive. It’s simple protectionism driven by need for political gain. Knowledge is not syllabus based – so any board at that level should be comparable. This could be better justified by reasoning that TN needs it’s students to work as doctors within the state and thus is trying to reduce possible routes for them to leave the state.

  3. wrongly understood, only 85% seats of state owned 85% seats goes to state board and remaining 15% of state owned seats to cbsc, apart from 15% all india quota. its still advantageous to cbsc people as only about 4000 studends in state are from cbsc and 84000+ from state board.

  4. The most stupid decision by Tamil nadu govt. will not stand in law. When will politicians stop creating quotas within quotas. let merit prevail.
    My daughter appeared for NEET 2017.She did class 12 from cbse. I appeal to all parents of cbse students to join hands and go to court

  5. What an absurd retrogate decision by TN govt. Today to be a gen cat student and on top of it study in a cbse school in tamil nadu is a curse.
    when will the govt wake up. i appeal to all parents of affected students to join me and move against this stupid decision in high court

  6. This may be come in effect from next year since the rules can not be changed during game while it
    is being played on…

  7. The concept of NEET itself is a big drama .. i fail to understand why they are spoiling students life .. they made a big scene before exams about age and attempts .. then later about the date of results and now the admission. Where does the student stand in all these pathetic scenes they are losing time and smooth progress for their career. Shame on the CM & PM of this country and states where education is being biased .. basis age .. attempts.. cbse .. icse .. etc ..

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