For Tamilnadu MBBS Admission 2017, starting this year, the Tamil Nadu government is working upon to give higher priority to the State Board students. The state was initially reluctant to grant MBBS and BDS admissions on the basis of NEET. However, surrendering to the SC’s order, the TN finally accepted NEET as the sole medium to fill the seat. Yet, TN being TN, improvised the situation a bit. Now, 15% All India Quota seats in the state will be filled through MCC counselling and the remaining 85% through state counselling but only with the Tamil Nadu State Board students. The State has also submitted a bill, demanding the President of India to approve appeal for grant of admission on the basis of class 12 examination. Now, if the President approves the bill before the release of state merit list then the admission will be granted on the basis of 12th score. If not, the NEET score will be considered.

What does this mean? If the order seeking a higher priority for the state government students is passed out. This would be a great loss for those students in the State who gave their Higher Secondary School examinations from other boards like CBSE. Giving higher preference to State Boards is a move directed to make students prefer the State Board education instead of the Central one. The major problem with this rule would be the fact that the residents of Tamil Nadu who belong to the CBSE would get included with the other 15%, which consists of students from outside the state as well. While the key basis for admission would still be the NEET scores, the reservation policy allows more advantages for the State Board students.

What would be the Consequences? If this rule is implemented. Those aspirants for the MBBS/BDS course who are the State residents yet have not passed out of the State Boards will face a major disadvantage. This could also lead to a sense of discrimination among such students. The signs are already visible here since there are already many petitions signed against the implementation of this rule. This rule would basically make the state boards of the highest importance in the state of Tamil Nadu and literally disqualify the importance of the education from other boards.

According to the Government, this policy would make it easier for the students of the state to Study in the field of Medicine. The Tamil Nadu Government justifies this statement with the fact that during the year 2016-2017, the total number of students appearing for NEET from Tamil Nadu was around 88,431. Out of these many, only 4,675 were from the CBSE boards, which means that around 96% of the students were from the State Boards. Another reason given is that the course structure, syllabus and the core contents of the State Board education are completely different from that of the CBSE. While the reasoning here could be somewhat justified. But if the State Boards get the highest importance in this case, then it would completely eliminate the value of the CBSE in Tamil Nadu. This is the discrimination the students and parents don’t want to see happen. Also, those few students in Tamil Nadu who have completed their 12th standard from CBSE have to deal with a lot of trouble here.

The way this is being done is some what unjustified. Not only this move belittles the importance of the various CBSE schools located in most of the Urban and some rural localities in Tamil Nadu. This event also causes a major discrimination between different types of education systems. Also, the primary motive of the Tamil Nadu government was to actually exempt itself out of the NEET exams. But since that move won’t be easy. The Government has chosen to resort to implementing their planned reservation on the selection done on the basis of NEET scores. The party which suffers the most here are the resident students who passed out of CBSE boards, for they would be made to struggle for the seats with those of the All India category students even though they have passed out from the state itself.

— Contributed by Allen Abraham

Edit: The article has been edited by the team on July 12, 2017

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  1. The writer is not well versed with the system was there earlier.As per the earlier system not even 1% seat can be taken by CBSE students.With this system CBSE students get more share than earlier

    • Ram. the only reason cbse students were not getting admitted to med colleges was because of well thought out strategy of politicians. Give top 1-2 % students of tn state board centium in all subjects. Stop compititive entrance tests. with such marks; the cut off was 97 % of pcb. This unequal compitive fd denied any chance to cbse and icse students to become doctors

      • Really. Did you know that the CBSE awarded bonus marks to the extent of 14!. Dont cry foul. State students had to slog it out. No bonus marks … not even 1.

  2. First of all reservations are to protect weaker sections. I am yet to understand – what made the TN state board students weaker viz a viz CBSE? NCERT Syllabus is same for whole of India. Every board can draw as much as they want from it. NEET is purely based on NCERT not on CBSE.

    Secondly, for decades, most of the students studied in CBSE boards in Tamil Nadu used to switchover to state board for Class XI and Class XII just to secure a medical seat. Hence, for decades CBSE students were weaker sections.

    Last but not the least, what a native Tamilian student studying in class XI in CBSE board should do now? if he or she wants to switch over to state board, can the state assure him / her a seat in a school of their choice?

    • True.If government wants to help poor and rural students give quota to government schools students up to 20 percent

  3. Most of the qualifying state board students studied only plus 1&2 in the state board. But they studied in the CBSE up to 10 the and shifted for plus to State Board. So government should give preferences to the students those who studied from 6 th to 12 the standards in the state board. Poor & rural people won’t get seats becaused the students from private state board schools like SRV . GREEN PARK. SOWDAMIBIKA … gives special coaching to their students more than years. So government should give reservation qouata for government schools studied students atleast 30 percentage

  4. The TN Govt GO to reserve 85 % seats for state board students is arbitary and illogical. Are tamil domicile students studying in CBSE, ICSE and other boards from schools like KV, Army school etc any less tamil. The govt must improve the education standards of state boards, incr competition and avoid discrimination among students.
    TN today has worst NEET result in country. Only 21 students from TN passed IIT. They are faring badly in all competitive exams.Not for their fault but because MERIT is sacrificed for Quota and Reservations in TN. The total emphasis of many state board schools was on class 12 syllabus to get high marks. It was taught for two yrs. Class 11 syllabus was totally neglected . Resultantly, the state board students have not done well in NEET as 50 % questions in NEET are from class 11 syllabus.

  5. The politicians suspected to have taken money from Rasipuram / Nammkal belt schools and private medical colleges. All these schools got excellent facilities with misplaced priorities while imparting knowledge. IF better placed students are driven out of Govt. College their parents will “somehow ” manage for their wards admission into private medical colleges Govt seats by resorting to personal loan, selling of property and selling of movable assets. Also number wise this hysterical campaign of making State board Vs CBSE is political move without any care for Tamil Nadu futures. . .

  6. Tamil nadu should improve the quality and standard of their students to compete with other students nationally and internationally rather than restricting or confining them to the state board syllabus. No discrimination to be shown on basis of different syllabus,like state board or CBSE. All TN students are basically from same family ie,Tamil nadu even if they qualify from state boards or other boards. After obtaining a professional degree certificate these students are not working only in Tamil nadu nor in an organisation which is below a national or international standard. They are inducted into various cadres of reputed institutions like defence ,ISRO, Banking feilds ,railways ,foreign institutions etc, .Just think over if these institutions don’t admit them saying you are from state board schools or you are a native of Tamil nadu ….. Discrepancies should never be incultated in young minds on the basis of boards or syllabus. Increase the standard of state boards, start following NCERT syllabus and bring the standard of all students to that level where they can prove themselves in any competitive exams. Kindly don’t demoralise and descriminate students ……, who ever studies and scores well to be given the priority always . High court and supreme court has officials with high morals and knowledge. Only pray that they take a good and unbiased decision on this matter.

  7. are the CBSE students studying tamil as second language. Is there a provision t o study tami language in CBSE.

  8. Are CBSE students Tamil language. Is there any provision to study Tamil as their second language in CBSE schools.

  9. 15% seats to CBSE students this year is utterly illogical..where they went till this year? Only 4000 of them underwent NEET in TN this year, if all seats were given to them,where the rural, poor, & state board students will go?? Follow the rule as it is in previous years.., how the SB students only participate in TN MBBS admission should b followed this year too..many money having idiots making the students pathetic through court & getting stay without logic!!

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