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Have you recently topped or aced an exam or competition? 

If yes, then we would like to share your success story with the world! 

Your journey towards reaching your milestone should be heard by everyone. 

Write to to share your success story. 

You can simply give some basic details in the email, and we will get in touch with you for the complete story. 

Please share the word, so that others in your circle can also reach out.

Aglasem Topper Interviews Success Series

Toppers Interviews at Aglasem

The series on Toppers Interviews is a part of our Success Series that aims to identify, motivate, and support high achievers, and also to help those who wish to reach the same goal. 

We at Aglasem work hard towards this three-pronged goal (identify, motivate, and support) – we have also launched a nationwide scholarship exam ATSE (Aglasem Talent Search Exam) with the same vision.

Please note – Marks and results do not define an individual. While the success series celebrates those who have tasted success in the conventional sense, it does not make it less true that each individual is unique in their own way, and are meant for the best in their lives. We urge children, teenagers, and adults to strive to be the best with honest intentions at all times; but do not let the numbers game overpower your good faith in yourself and others.