Candidates who have appeared for the entrance exam for SBI Main PO must now be waiting for the result to be announced. Result will be announced as per schedule on June 19, 2017. SBI PO Main Result 2017 will be published at

But that is just a preliminary step towards the completion of the recruitment process. There are two more stage that the candidates have to undergo yet. All the candidates who succeed in clearing the exam must obtain the minimum percentage of marks in the paper so that their names can be featured in the merit list. The merit list shall be prepared keeping in mind he performance of the candidates, number of vacant positions, total applications received etc. Once all the factors have been taken care of the candidates who surpass these qualifications will be called for the Personal Interview Round.

After SBI PO Main – Personal Interview Preparation

Now that can be a tough nut to crack. Cracking an interview is the easiest yet complicated portion in the entire recruitment process. Since in the written exam you get, a full fledged syllabus that you can read about or practice but cracking an interview is something which can not be taught to someone. We never know what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate. All the coaching centres who guarantee that they will help you crack the interview for a recruitment have no concrete plan. Unlike written exam, personal interview can not be read. It has no particular syllabus. However, you can still practice some basic questions such as about yourself, your education, your earlier experience, your professional life as of now etc.

In this article we are not going to make any fake promises and guarantee you that you will crack an interview using these techniques that we are going to discuss, but we can eliminate your fear for interview for sure. Practice and adopt these techniques and also let us know whether you found them helpful.

Technique 1 – Read about the bank in detail

A lot of candidates do focus on this part and they should. This is actually the right way to start your preparation for interview. Get to know the institution in detail. That is the first step you should do. You should at least read the history, institute’s branches, number of people working, department division etc. show your interest in the bank. That you are willing to work in it and contribute your part in its growth.

Technique 2 – Prepare some general questions

Interviews are basically not meant to test your understanding but they act as a formal interaction with your to be an employer. Since written exams do not allow the opportunity to get to know every individual in person. Face to face conversation is another way to get to know the candidates. They want to know you as a person, as a professional. Do not lie. Your motive should be to give them a reason why they should hire you for the position, not others. Do not spoil your chances by feeding them lies.

Technique 3 – Practice in front of the mirror

The best way to eliminate the fear of taking is to face a mirror and practice some general questions in front of it. What you can do is get a mirror and prepare your introduction, about your educational qualifications etc but make sure that you are not looking or reading at any paper. Keep your eyes straight and use simple language.

Technique 4 – Smile; you are under surveillance

Again I repeat the point that interview is not meant to put in stress. Take it as an informal conversation with a friend of yours who is curious to know more about you. Smile and take pauses. Do not speak too long sentences. Cut them short and explain in brief about your achievements.

Technique 5 – Gather all the documents

Before the interview starts, a candidate is usually required to present his original document which the recruiter considers in deciding the genuineness of the candidate. Therefore, collect and arrange all the documents in order so that you get them in time. If there are instructions in your call letter do read it carefully. Do not leave any opportunity by committing silly mistakes.

Technique 6 – Understand the question first and then answer

One of the silly mistakes that a candidate can commit is not listening to the question and answering it with the ones that they have prepared. Listen to the question, it’s okay if you wanna take a moment to think about it. Answer it accordingly. Do not repeat answers for every question. Try using some other vocabulary if you have to repeat it. For example

If you have already discussed your interest in playing football. Use different sentence formation.

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