Okay so you have appeared for board exam and waiting for your Result. It’s the time you cannot help but feel those anxiety pangs in your stomach making conjectures about how your CBSE Result 2017 would be like and what will you do. A Little bit pressure begins to surmount with each passing day and you just wish Oh God! May the results this year will never be published. That could work only if you had some deal cracked with the god, but for now the cbse result 2017 will be out.

There you go! I have just added a little pressure. Haven’t I ? this pressure building is eventually inevitable.

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After all we all try so hard to achieve good marks in our board exams. Spend nights studying erected in one position, skip movies, plan a schedule and stick to it for consecutive months whereas for others it may be a single step towards a good career. Passing or failing in exams make us think positively or negatively about ourselves. CBSE 10th Result or CBSE 12th Result has direct impact on our self-confidence.

There is a continuous pressure from relatives to perform good. Their reactions sometimes may lead you to feel low on self-esteem. Getting higher and higher number of marks in exams has become a subject matter to brag about in the company of our friends and relatives.

A bad exam result is seen as the end of the academic careers. There is a huge amount of emphasis on the percentage and not the real talent. Every child is special on their own.

Well ! guys it is hard not to think about all these things when you know the CBSE Result 2017 will be out soon but there is definitely a way you can at least lessen that stress level.

In this article i will tell about how to overcome the CBSE Result 2017 anxiety level in a really effective manner.

This article is divided in two sections:-

  • CBSE 10th Result 2017
  • CBSE 12th Result 2017

But before we start with tips to overcome anxiety, you must go through the following points.


You will get as many chances in life to prove yourself and succeed. Taking an exam and not being able to do good in it does not make us a failure. Especially if you had ever thought of quitting because of failure there could not be a more lame excuse for it. If you cannot accept it, then nobody else will. Accept that you have taken your exams and you cannot go back in time. Do not miss other good opportunities. Enjoy the time you have now.


Know your strengths and believe in them. Any event is not bigger than your life. A success without struggle is joyless. Struggle Everyday! Learn Everyday! Do not let any hurdle stop you. You are stronger. “The more your seat in practice the less you bleed in battle”


Have you ever been to a jewel shop. You know that although they are all diamonds but not all of them are rare and remain a dream wish of the thousands. You are Precious. Hard work will furnish you. You may get remarks from close ones but they care about you more than your board cbse result 2017. At the end of the day, YOU are the most important person in their lives; not your marks.


Have a Goal. It will become the driving force in your life. It will lead you, guide you and take you to success. You need to work hard for it. if you don’t give up right now, you will never give up. Make your life an example for others Keep faith in yourself.

CBSE Result 2017

Tips for students to overcome the anxiety of CBSE 10th Result

CBSE have conducted the board examinations for both Class 10th. CBSE board generally releases the Class 10 Result after the Second week of May, this year it may release little late. You have a lot of time in between this period. Between the exam day and the CBSE 10th Result 2017, you get almost 1/2 months of time.

Learn some extra skill / language

It would be really great for you guys if you could learn some extra skill in between this period. You can figure out which skill of yours you want to enhance or work upon. You can take up some new language lessons. These days many institutes offer short term programs for language learning.

You can pick from over hundreds of languages of your interest. There are institutes like School of Foreign Languages; YMCA of Delhi; Langma School of Languages; Academy of British and Foreign Languages; Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages etc. etc. and many more.

Learn a musical instrument

You want something creative. Then you can think about learning a musical instrument of your choice. Join musical coaching classes. The centres hardly hold up classes for few hours but are really productive and plus you get something to boast about. When your schools re-open, you can proudly say I know how to play a Guitar.

Coaching for subjects

Candidates who have appeared for the CBSE Board exam must have come across some of the questions in the Board Paper that they felt took more than usual time to solve. That is your hint. You can join coaching institutes to strengthen your weak subjects. Be it Mathematics, English, History, Science etc. Prepare yourself for 11th class. These subjects will be repeated but this time the level will be advanced. You can buy books of 11th class in advance. Do not be doubtful that you might pass the exam. You will pass we are sure. And so you need to plan ahead already. Make it a point that when you enter 11th class, all your basics are clear

Indulge in a hobby

The best way to forget about any stress is to get involved in any of your favorite hobby. Whether it is playing football, learning a new activity, joining a cooking class. It could be anything. You can even visit your relatives in these vacations, but make sure that you utilize this time period.

Tips for students to overcome the anxiety of CBSE 12th Result

All the 12thees are probably more tensed than others. After all this is the moment from where your journey actually starts. Choosing a right career, deciding your college you have a lot to do. Well this is actually the best time to think about it. You need to prepare yourself in advance for the best and for the worst as well. Be positive about your CBSE 12th Result 2017.

Prepare for entrance exams in advance

Competitive exams have become the prerequisite for admission into colleges or universities. What you can do is join coaching centres which will not only help you understand the pattern of the competitive exams but will also provide you the guidance to go about your career. Your marks will impact your career path but ultimately it is YOU who are going to decide what you want. Work on your goal. Look for the competitive exams. Track the events and which competitive exam is best for your desired career. You can take help of our site to find out about various exams in India. Stay updated with the news. General Awareness is the most difficult part of competitive exams to score. This is also the reason why some of the students can never clear the competitive exams.

Focus on what you want to do

It is a noble decision to listen to your parents if they suggest you something regarding your career. Explore options during this period as once the cbse result 2017 are announced, amidst the hustle, one forgets about taking care of these small points. Sit back and relax. Pick a day and think about what you want to do. Know what you like to study. Whether you want to take admission in medical field, or join the sports field or choose teaching etc. HAVE A GOAL. A career without a goal is never a wise choice.

Never be disheartened

If you do not score that well in the cbse result 2017, do not be disheartened. There are plenty of other options that you might want to think upon. In case, you want to re-appear for the exam. Then that can also be your choice. If you do take admission again, make it a point that you not only cover the basics but cover the most difficult topics that you faced. Remember guys! This time will not come back. You must clear all your doubts. Taking Coaching can make a difference what matters most is self-study. As many doubts you clear you will have a better chance at success.

All the Best!!

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  1. I shared it with my parent & relatives. Hope they will not compare me with others now.

    Thanks for such a motivational article. I needed it!!!

    • I am so glad that our article is helping you guys. Readers are Aglasem’s life. Your support is what motivates us. If a small bit of our work can motivate you and inspire you, it means world to us.

  2. Hello Neeraj Baghel I came across your article in the morning. Being a 12th myself I am under a lot of stress and after reading this article I am inspired to do all that you have listed above . I have already shared this article with my friends parents as well. I hope that our parents understand that marks don’t matter but our dresm do.

  3. Yes, marks don’t matter. But hard work does matter. There is no excuse for hard work, sincerity, honesty. Students usually pick the lines which make them comfortable such as marks don’t matter, some not so educated people are more successful etc. All this is correct but students forget to understand one important fact that all these people have done is a lot of hard work and home work in their chosen field with full dedication, sincerity and honesty.

  4. Ultimately feeling relaxed and out of that horrible stress. All thanks to you neeraj baghel. Aglasem is really doing a great job.

  5. This is really very relatable and motivating .
    Good Luck for your future prospects dear!

  6. Why is the practice of giving grace marks have came to an end.
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