Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has put an end to the marks moderation / grace marks practice for difficult questions in certain papers. The Board took the decision in a recent high level meeting. Along with CBSE, 31 other school Board have also agreed to scrap the practice.

The marks moderation allowed students an increase of upto 15% marks for those exams, which are deemed as difficult.

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Many raised concern over the unjust distribution of marks after Debarghya Das and Prashant Bhattacharji highlighted the misuse of the policy. It was termed as unfair and forced National and State Board to seek solutions for the same.

Ultimately, CBSE requested MHRD to assist in maintaining a consensus among all the Boards to eradicate the marks moderation policy. However, still the students will be granted grace marks if that is what they need to clear an exam.

It is being expected that if the State Board also agree to scrape the moderation of marks then the admission cutoffs in the colleges will witness a decline.

Noticing this, CBSE has demanded that the State Boards do follow the same path, so that the National Board students are not at disadvantage during UG admissions.

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  1. I think the only people who disagree with this decision are the ones who are not depending on their own hard work, but on the grace of others. You don’t need grace marks if you are determined to earn your marks by giving your everything into your work. Why depend on others’ mercy?

  2. This is not a good move by cbse .Are they making aprilfools of students .totally disagree with it

  3. I totally disagree with it. It will demoralise the students as they are expecting Mark’s accordingly. It should not be implemented for 2016-17 batch.

  4. Is this for batch 2016-2017 ?
    If it is so then it is unjust.
    They should have told us at the beginning of the session .

  5. i am also not agree with it because it is unfair for the students of this session (2016-17) as they are unknown during their examination. if it is to be so then the order should be issued before the final exams.

  6. Atleast they should have informed the students before the boards..they would have performed accordingly…

  7. I totally agree!!!! Because now students will work hard to get pass and there will not be any discrimination with all those who work hard!!!

  8. I totally disagree , from last few years CBSE give grace marks but our time you don’t give any grace marks what the follish thing you do .????

  9. seriously at least think about student future how u can do this ? really disappointed with this behaviour:

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