The decision of Center came as a silver lining to the students of NIOS because now they can appear for NEET 2018. Union Ministry of Health And Family Welfare has opposed the MCI’s proposal to prohibit National Institute of Open Schooling students from taking the only medical entrance examination in India.

Medical Council of India proclaimed that the students from NIOS cannot match the level of the regular school student and hence should not be allowed to appear for the exam. It further explained that there is no practical component in the curriculum of NIOS due to which the student is not capable enough.

The proposal quickly turned into a moot among the students and authorities. While mostly termed the notion illogical, MCI ignored the fact that in 2012 hearing, it gave NIOS approval to participate in NEET with the existing curriculum.

As per the report by the Indian Express, in a meeting, MHRD told Health Ministry that implementation of the proposal is against the government policy for equal learning and career opportunities. It further stressed that NIOS is also a national board and the students from the Board should be treated at par with the regular students.

Ministry openly accepted the fact that students who fail class XII or get compartment choose NIOS to pass but this is no reason to not let them appear for NEET. Expert around the nation also argued that MCI might believe that the NIOS student enjoys privilege but at least let them appear for the exam. If a student is not worth it, he/she will not be able to qualify. As simple as that.

As per the official statistics, last year, 2 lakh candidates appeared for NIOS exam and of these, 3000 applied for NEET. Among the total NIOS students, 864 did qualify National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Examination. This is a clear indication that students from the open board can also do good.

The human tendency to generalize is common but generalize at what stake? The future of medical students has been in turmoil for long. Now, discriminating on the basis of Board is as unjust as it sounds. What is your take on the matter? Was MCI right or MHRD has taken correct step by reversing the decision of the council? Let us know, in the comment section below.

P.S: The notice of NEET 2018 is expected to be available by the end of January 2018. The exam will be held on May 06, 2018, which is the first Sunday of the month. The application for NEET 2018 will release at Students can only fill and submit it online and Aadhaar Card will be a mandatory requirement to apply. So do keep it ready. Good Luck for the exams!


  1. Nios student’s should be elgible. For neet. Center has taken very good and honest decisions. And they should also treated like regular candidates .any board should not be the criterion for judgement of their intelligence .it should be on performances in neet or any entrance exams marks.

  2. It is unfair for open school students. Who is eligible and who is cannot can be seen from the exam.. this decision simply lowers the value OF Passing from NIOS…IT IS CLEARLY UNFAIR and a PIL MUST be filed in Supreme court against this decision of partial MCI

  3. I don’t know what India’s govt are thinking. They have already made the situation so hard for the new comer students what they wanna do next? kill them with loads of studies? give it a rest. India is just too much, so many rules and regulations

  4. This is unfair bcz am student of nois nd I was preparing for NEET 2018 am very worried for my future bcz my childhood dream relate from NEET so plzz give eligibility for NEET of nios students

  5. I am from nios and preparing for medical entrance for three years . I have qualified neet next year with good marks and sure for selection this year but this decision can spoile my future and if I do not give neet this year I will no more because I am from very poor background and my parents has sold everything for my this carrier if I will not able to give entrance after that whatever will happen only government will responsible for this

  6. It is injustice now where we will go.To become a successful doctor was our aim. But the MCI took the wrong decision it didnt think of those students who wants to do hardwork to be a doctor. Iska mtlb hua k nios board ki koi importance ni hai. To ye board khola hi q gya,ye glat hai ese to bache suicide kar lenge.i hate MCI. Jisne b ye decision lia hai use meri baddua lgegi or un sab ki lagegi jinka future MCI ne ek fasle se mitti m mila dia

  7. दरअसल MCI /CBSCE की मिली भगत है क्यौकी IIT/JEE/NEET में बेहतर परफार्म करने के लिए छात्र के लिए NIOS BOARD/ एक बेस्ट बिकल्प है NIOS BOARD की सफलता को देखते हुए MCI से मिलकर प्रतिबंद लगाने की कोशिस कर रहा है क्योकि आने वाले सालो में भारी संख्याओं में छात्र NIOS BOARD / PRIVATE ADUCATION की तरफ भागेंगे इससे CBSCE बोर्ड के कालेजों में दहसत है आज के भारत में इस तरह के बोर्ड का WELL COOME होना चहिये इस बोर्ड की वजह से मेघावी छात्र as KOTA ,KANPUR ,DELHI इत्यादी इत्यादी हाई प्रोफाइल कोचिग iNSTITUTE में ऊच्च इस्थर की चिछा प्राप्त कर रहे है I IT/JEE/NEET को चुनवती दे रहे है इनको रोकना देश द्रोह से भी बड़ा जुर्म है

  8. I think what that MCI mean standards or at par.., I have some questions to ask?
    1.Does NEET considers percentage of state board or any regular board exam percentage for eligibility? the regular students always better than private or open school students?
    3.Does MCI give any perceivable or justified explanations for its directives?. that Medical education quality is judged by what students a medical college has or what the college or system it regulates or maintained?.

    It it be strict and honest in its system rather than giving judgemental directives.

    Take my example I have studied from 1 to 12 class along with part-time job to support my studies I had decided that my father never offer me a chance pursue of medical since he is poor earning merely 1100 per month. But he was ready to give up his life so that my mother will support my ambition from money we get after his death!. But there are many good people too who helped and I started eating from my 2 phase of MBBS. NEET of course good system as it considers eligibility solely on entrance performance. Then what MCI doing a prejudiced idea, that really has to be opposed.

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