Oops! MCI did it again. The dirt on all the corrupt activities and blunder that Medical Council of India has done so far has not even settled. But, it is inviting flak with hands stretched out. After 2016 fiasco of reviving NEET just two days before the due date for AIPMT, once again the Council has come up with another “beneficial” strategy to improve the medical education standard in India. It has proposed that the Open Board students should not be allowed to appear for NEET 2018 as they will not be able to match the level with the regular board students.

Without haste MCI ran over medical dream of thousand of NIOS students but how does it justify the “level”? Is it to be on par with the CBSE Board student and know all the NCERT by heart or to have the stamp of state board? None matters when hard work and resolute persistence are put into force. Then, how can MCI judge students’ caliber on grounds of Board they are studying from.

The official release for banning NIOS students from taking the examination.

If for instance, MCI is to be considered right, even then there are numerous solutions to the issue. Firstly, MCI could have coordinated with NIOS in time and decide a way out. Not all the state boards are equally easy or difficult but the solution is not to exclude the state, rather raise the standard. NIOS could have implemented the required amendments and taken care of the matter.

Every year, more than 2 lakh register for NIOS and around 3000 apply for NEET. Last year, out of 3000 NIOS candidates, 864 qualified.

What runs beneath cannot be judged. Hence, let’s give a benefit of doubt to the Council. Then too I would like to know, how letting these students appear for the exam could be an adverse step. If indeed the student is not at par with the rest, then he will not qualify the exam and will be naturally delimited from the process.

If students are clearing NEET cutoff and are qualifying all the levels of assessment then they are worthy of the prize and if not then there is a major flaw in the evaluation process. In both the cases, the student should not be barred from their dreams because they deserve it and the flaw is the system’s to be corrected.

MCI, why you so naive??

This can be the last year before National Medical Commission takes over. The Council is itself to be blamed for the depleting standard of medical education that it intends to raise now. There is no smoke without fire, the allegation of bribery, unethical practices, forged seat intake, and so much more but similar is switched with it and this is the cause why the medical industry is filled with doctors who fail to perform at various levels.

There are issues with the school education boards as well. Nothing is perfect! But the solution is not to debar the students. Why is it always the student who is suffering all the time?

Even if one deserving candidate is banned from achieving their dreams, it is the loss of the entire nation.

The thought process behind such proposal is sad. It is a human tendency to generalize and very easily we misjudge the students of NIOS to be with inferior mental faculties. That is not true all the time, there are those who learn from mistakes and thrive to be better, there also those who choose open board due to personal issues. We teach our children to not judge a book by its cover but then we keep on grading them at every stage of life, producing a regressive race.

NIOS is India’s largest open schooling organization, which provides education to more than 13 lakh Secondary and Senior Secondary students. The purpose of establishing it was to extending open learning facilities. Then, why leave it behind.

The 2012 ruling made by the MCI Board of Governors clearly states that NIOS students will be eligible to pursue medical admissions.

As per the letter sent by the MCI to the NIOS in 2012, “if the requirement of Graduate Medical Education Regulations regarding eligibility criteria for admissions to MBBS course are fulfilled by the students appearing in 10+2 examination conducted by the National Institute of Open Schooling, they may be considered eligible for admission to MBBS course”.

The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Examination (NEET) is the only medical entrance examination which is held for admission to MBBS and BDS across India. So, NEET is the only hope for candidates studying from Open School to achieve their medical dream.

Taken aback by the decision, NIOS has also written to HRD to intervene and demand MCI to revoke the decision. Prakash Javadekar, HRD Minister, and JP Nadda, Union Health Minister, will meet on Wednesday to disscuss the matter.

There is a little hope for NIOS students as the NIOS Director of Student Support Services to whom the MCI letter in 2012 was addressed, Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, is currently the Joint Director of the NEET Unit at the CBSE. However, the weather they will be allowed to appear for NEET 2018 will only be on the basis of the outcome of the meeting between the two Union Ministers.

Do you think it is right to exclude NISO students from NEET 2018? If this is the only solution? Or is MCI being a bully that it has always been and is taking an unjust step? Will excluding a section of candidates improve the standards? Speak out your mind, let us know what you think in the comment section. 


  1. Respected GOVT,

    Today the hope and trust of every student appearing 12th from NIOS upon the government of our country has been broken and if you are capable of taking this decision so I think you should know very well that the syllabus for clearing NEET 2018 is the same for all and we clear this examination on our own hard work then how are we not eligible for this we also go through the same procedure as the students of other boards are going through, no special criterion or syllabus is provided for us and after your so called decision I don’t know what’s going to be the future of this country. NIOS is established under government’s order and you are saying we are not eligible so why did you established this.Tell me one thing are you gonna fulfill our dreams by going to each and every student.If you can’t follow your own rules then don’t make them and don’t born a hope indsie us.Keep your so called decision with you only. And you know what am proud to be a student of NIOS.

    From- Dhruvi Tewari
    a trusted student of NIOS

  2. Its very brutal decision . Why are you barring students from exam?? Eligible candidates can qualify the exam . Without any prior information this sudden decision will destroy many students future. This is the first time before taking the exam candidates are disqualified. If any reason any student cannot give the 12th exam then next year he is not able to give neet exam its a very bad game with students . Shame on MCI

  3. NIOS is nothing less than CBSE syllabus , in fact they do much better as they write the 11th and 12th together along with the practicals.
    when MCI allow state board students to appear for NEET exam why not NIOS ?????
    or NIOS should not be introduced at all. Please don’t mess up students life , don’t be an hindrance to achieve their goal . Situation make them pursue NIOS so just give them your support.
    NEET is a qualifying exam to pursue medicine , if they qualify they do it, whats MCI bothered about.

  4. I am a student of Nios and my dream is to be a doctor in future . But this news really hurt me now what will I do . I don’t have any other way to study . I am just feeling hopeless .
    Dear , PM Narendra Modiji please find a just for milillon of students who are still studying in Nios and think about there future please .

    • This is an old news for NEET 2018. The court ordered MCI to let NIOS students appear for NEEt. SO, I guess you will be able to appear for the exam.

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