Madras High Court has told CBSE to hold all the further proceeding of NEET 2017 for now. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was to release the answer key of NEET 2017 on May 31 and announced the result until June 08. However, as per the interim order of HC, CBSE is now restrained from carrying forward with the process of the exam.

The court issued the order after nine students from Madurai filed a petition for the cancellation of NEET 2017, held on May 07, 2017. The petition claimed that the national level medical entrance examination was not held uniformly throughout the nation, and thus CBSE should conduct re-exam.

Not only the students but even the states have confirmed that the question paper of NEET in regional language question paper was comparatively tough. The questions mentioned in the English and Hindi language question paper were same but in the language paper, it was different. Instead of translating the questions, the Board used different question in different language paper.

The concern of the students is that the irregular question papers cannot be used to access the performance of the candidates. Hence, the Board should conduct the NEET 2017 exam again, with a homogeneous question paper.

One India, one question paper is a must in NEET. Otherwise, assessment of intelligence and aptitude will differ. Further, an uneven playing field would infringe the right to equal opportunity in education” says the students.

NEET 2017  was held in  English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Odia and Assamese languages. The claims are that the question paper in Tamil was easier than that in English/Hindi, while in Bengali, Maharashtra, and Karnataka language it was tougher

The purpose of introducing National-Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test was to introduce the system of single admission medium for medical admission in India. Then how can there be multiple questions sets to evaluate the performance of over 11 lakh students? CBSE was already in hot waters due to the scrapping of grace marks policy this year and varied questions papers are only pulling it deeper.

What are your views on the matter? Should NEET 2017 be cancelled or not? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. It should not be cancelled because it would waste more time but the discrimination is not good too

  2. Yes neet should be cancelled & held again which will be compulsory for all.
    No point of being compared to jee main or advanced as decided by cbse it should be same question paper and regarding preparation for another time that will be a equal situation for all the students but this injustice cant be accepted at all.
    Neet should be held again.

  3. I don’t think so. But proper consideration must be made to extend bonus marks against the questions irrelevant to options in the OMR as already pointed out by several coaching centres like- Allien, Akash, etc. Same procedure was also followed last year to extend justice to the aspirants. Further, it is the foremost duty of Government (both State and Central) to extend more medical colleges to reduce the disparity relating to no of patients and doctors existing as well to reduce the pressure of aspirants as they are competing among lakhs to get a seat.

  4. Yes. Neet should definitely be cancelled and should be re taken. The question paper should be same for everyone since its an all india competition . Every students intelligence should be tested based on same questions instead of different questions as it may cause the deserving student to be neglected.

  5. Yes definitely it should be cancelled
    Only near about 60000 students get seat in government medical colleges.
    Even some hard working students loose their sear by negligible marks.
    Cut off is also a big problem.
    State wise entrance exam is better when compared to All India.

  6. Why should we have this NEET Controversy every year? Why can’t CBSE take a proper decision? 11plus lakhs of students and their parents are suffering as there is no clarification from CBSE till date and re conduct of NEET again and again is a torture for the students. First of all CBSE has taken a wrong decision by conducting NEET Exam in regional languages. One Country one language that is English. Are they going to study Medicine in regional language? AIIMS is conducting online exams on different dates. All the students are not attempting the same question paper. Different question papers are being used. No one is opposing that and why NEET. I strongly oppose the reconduct of NEET….

  7. One India, one question paper is a must in NEET. Otherwise, assessment of intelligence and aptitude will differ. Further, an uneven playing field would infringe the right to equal opportunity in education……it should be re-coducted.

  8. yeah im in support of this cancellation but not for me but for other students cz the ppr in delhi was incompareably easy….
    and i wish other students might also get a chance to score well…….
    all the best competitors……………

  9. no need of cancellation of exam…………..becoz conducting neet in different languages will be difficult………it will leads to leakage of question i request the authority not to cancel neet 2017 conducted on may 7…….

  10. Surprising!!! Alas!!!! Government and CBSE is neither an authority or an National forum of the country. Like in the constitution and the country India. Any dick and harry can take the whole Nation and MAJORITY at RANSOM, with this or that excuse or finding a fault.

    Who and How can NINE students put the SYSTEM, ,ALL OTHER STUDENTS AND TIME at STAKE/RANSOM. On the pretext of tougher when compared to other language, quoting the RULES REGULATIONS EVALUATIONS,QUESTIONS by the CBSE. If the papers are set in different languages, than it is to facilitate and support better understanding and ease of different regions and NEVER SHOULD BE THE BASIS OF TOUGHER OR DIFFERENT IF AT ALL. ” JUSTICE TO ONE/FEW CANNOT PROVIDE A RIGHT OR A RULE OR COURTS INTERVENTION OR STAND FOR DOING INJUSTICE TO ALL OTHERS/MAJORITY.

    An examination, ‘what so over or howsoever is an examination ‘ tough or easy is only individual based. The AUTHORITY is ONLY A BETTER JUDGE to evaluate, provide grace,evaluation etc. As by such plea. Students or courts do not have a say. As some others could claim, ” WE WISH ONLY ENGLISH OR HINDI OR TAMIL OR BENGALI MEDIUM TEACHER SHOULD EVALUATE,CHECK THE ANSWER SHEETS OR ELSE THE TEACHER MIGHT MISINTERPRET ,MISUNDERSTAND THE ANSWER OR REPRESENTATION OF STUDENT IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES., Surprisingly some students or parents WORST ADVOCATES OR ANY NGO may claim or object the evaluation by not less than a doctor level person, as ultimately the entrance exam is for MBBS colleges and the level of evaluation should be better understood by doctors.

    THE PLEA OF NINE / FEW STUDENTS INCLUDING their representatives ( Self centered and unilateral beneficial interest of any advocate or ngo for getting itself popular and making money) is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE,WRONG AND UNCALLED FOR. This is purely an INJUSTICE TO MAJORITY BY MINORITY individuals due to the lacuna in the whole system.

    Whole system and the basis of our manipulated constitution since the time of turbulence,turmoil, by influenced, weak people under pressure, hurry, lack of foresight and on the decision of few individuals and accepted by majority with excuses of shortage of time and in hurry of formalizing something for all days to come or more than uphill task to change latter.This is only the result of such lacuna and leverage of right of every individual and right of speech or representation to jeopardizes either whole. It is nuisance, a great LOOS, to the majority,nation,general public for no fault of theirs.

    “Suggestion: Students who has objection can take the examination again under CCTV and media coverage and absolute perfect translation” Or their parents andd supports should effort and pay the price of conducting the whole examination if they fail to score 60% more than this and latter evaluation of absolute perfect translation of the paper, jut because they had some relative as an advocate, or part of NGO or a agitator, or having family /relatives of mockrey making and finding faults CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE COUNTRY, COUNTRY MENT, UNIVERSITY,COLLEGES,TIME, CBSE, PARENTS AND MAJORITY STUDENTS TO RANSOM using the JUDICIARY OF A STATE.


    Hare Krishna 8800193869 E Mail: [email protected]

  11. Such a huge Exam can not be re-conducted just for few students. there are lot of exams where question paper comes differently and results are compiled accordingly. its a huge expense as well as maximum students are not in favour.

    when one nation one exam was demanded then why exams is demanded in different languages why cant it be in only english & hindi. are these local students are going to study MBBS in local langauage ??

    its foolish ness to re-conduct it again at any cost. there are few policitical influence so called whisle blowers who claim so many things but they do not have any proofs which clearly indicates they are politically influenced and do not consider all those hard working students who worked hard for 2 years and did well.


  12. to do another neet will be tedious for all students. may be if another exam can be conducted which is “optional” then all those who has complaints can go for it. it would be better to conduct an exam for all.

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