It is said that human beings have the most powerful tool with them to change the world. It is Perspective. A Perspective can change the way we see things. It is so empowering that it possesses the tendency to influence people to get into action or completely disengage them. Words are the medium to express perspective. Now why we are talking about Perspective is because having a perspective which is quite akin to indulging cognitive process of thinking, it also involves implementing logics to come to conclusions and this is what sets us apart from the other races. Only perceiving things and not bringing them to use can be fatal. Now that’s where Managerial skills come into action. Whether it is an Engineering field, arts, commerce or any other. Managerial Skills are the demand of the modern era. A person who cannot engage into thinking or bring new perspective in their working style may lack behind. However, it is a set of skills that can be acquired with time and improved with time as well. Isn’t that amazing.

In a country like India, which is toiling every day to become one of the superpowers in the world. It becomes essential to have an education system that is not only recreational but innovative and effective. There are numerous of exams that test a candidate’s aptitude and skill suitable to be employed at managerial positions in Governmental and Non-Governmental companies.

MBA Can be done after any level of Graduation. Well first things first, it is an additional degree that a candidate can pursue in her/his Interest area (specialization). There are Universities that offer Degree and some that offer PGDM / MBA. It comes with working in dual specialization including picking of major and minor as subjects, while it may also be pursued towards one specific area. Some of the known areas are HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, International Business, Accounting, Income Tax etc. To get admission in a good college, you need a Good rank in MBA exam. MBA is essential for getting hired at Managerial level.

Things you should keep in mind if you are an MBA aspirant

Get an idea about the jobs in market for MBA people

These days, the market is NOT loaded with jobs for those who possess an MBA degree. You should always keep on looking for companies that do hiring of those who have done MBA. if you demonstrate the right skills, then the job will definitely be yours.

Do not get too ambitious

A candidate who’s done MBA is often trolled on social media that they are the lot who never get good packages. You may have heard the relatives come too often to your house who give you their glorious suggestions and advise you that there is a fruitful and prolific career after MBA. you won’t get a 2 crore package. The highest you get in India would be Rs 40-45 lakh PA. Well that is actually quite true to a bit, guys! let’s face reality. It’s just another degree for them. The not so magical course will not land you a million dollar deal but just a fair one for sure. Therefore, do not get caught under the impression that you will find a perfect job in one go. Keep on trying fellas. Often best things come late. You will make the perfect manager once you learn to toil.


There will be times when you are too exhausted. There will be times when you feel, you cannot carry on.No matter how hectic MBA becomes. NEVER GIVE UP. Remember we talked about perspective. Put it into play here. When you see things positively, there is nothing that can stop you from conquering your weakness. This is true irrespective of the situations we are in. you will glide through those sleepless nights, simultaneous deadlines, a few failures and stressful times. You should be prepared for all kinds of challenges. Here comes the MAGICAL WORDS from JOHN CENA

Work on your goal 24×7

Well taking admission into your course will not end your responsibilities. It is just the beginning. There is summer placements, final placements, interviews. Maximize your chances of landing your dream job. How? Well! utilize all the time you have now. You may join internships while you can. Appear for interviews to get your fear out. A panel may not select you because of bad posture, irrational speaking style for starters and a lot. Work on your overall personality. Build a good Curriculum Vitae. Get experience. It matters a lot. Read newspapers and get the information of the current trends in the market.

Love Your Books

Make the most of what you get during those 2 years. Ensure that you attend all the classes timely. Study and find creative ways for studying. Do not study just because you have to. Make it a time that is productive and fun. Work smart. Look for interviews of the toppers and the strategies that they implemented in their time. You as well as we all know, that exams are not  the perfect measure to test a candidate’s ability and intelligence. It is just that they are a norm and you have to qualify it. Never consider studies as burden, because when you do they actually become one.


As long as you are satisfied with your work, you will stay stress free. MBA may demand overnight studies, case studying, gaining experience, but also ensure that you take some time for yourself. Having a decently diversified resume can work wonders. Hone your skills, boast about your activities that you love to do. You may like to participate in case study competitions, cultural activities, or even travelling. The exposure will give you an intense learning experience.


To be really honest, there are not grab on opportunities in the market these days. You require a great deal of scrounging and browsing. Therefore, Socialize. Spread the word that you are looking for a job. Tell them why you are the right person. You may join multiple groups through social media platforms that can help you with the placements. However, you should also learn to take “no” for an answer. Rejections may follow but don’t be let down. Don’t overstress yourself.

Read something other than course

It is extremely important to read books out of your course. First, it is like a creative exercise, secondly it is productive for your mind, thirdly it keeps your mind fresh. Actually these are just the few good things. Some really good suggestive books are

  • Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid- C.K. Prahlad
  • A never before world- Rama Bijapurkar
  • The shadow lines- Amitav Ghosh
  • Moneyball: The art of winning an unfair game- Michael Lewis
  • The 7 habits of Highly Effective people- Stephen Covey
  • Connect the Dots- Rashmi Bansal
  • How to win friends and influence people- Dale Carnegie
  • Straight for the Gut- David Welch
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