Previously held NDA exam, NDA and NA I 2017 result will be declared in July. Upcoming NDA exam is NDA and NA II 2017 for which applications were invited recently. The National Defence Academy (NDA) II 2017 exam dates are out, and it is scheduled to be held on 10th September 2017. The last date for submitting applications was 30th June.

By now, those who are interested in trying out the competitive NDA exams would have already submitted their applications and might be looking for means or a plan to study. Having applied, one can also download admit card of NDA (2) 2017 examination in August. Looking at the diverse syllabus of the exam, one might start to have anxiousness and confusion, and it is obvious. It is hard to study everything from of the syllabus, and definitely, it would require a lot of effort and hard work. But if you have everything organized for yourself, and prepare a concrete plan for studies, then nothing can stop you from being well prepared at the time of the Exam. The only hindrance is your own ability to take the initiative.

Now, taking an initiative requires planning everything well in advance, and in a flexible way so you could squeeze in a little amount of time for any other important work.

However, before strategizing, it is necessary to know and understand the knowledge and studies which would be required to be done. Listed here is a short version of the Syllabus of the NDA Examination.


Now having known the syllabus, it is important to cover all major topics of the subjects. For that, you’d need to devote a particular period of time to any topic. Also keep in mind to solve previous year NDA exam papers.

Never try to study different types of topics one after the other, it could get difficult to understand and handle different subjects. If you try to study one topic over a long period of time, then your concentration would develop and your flow won’t get disrupted.

There are a lot of people who most likely have a very minimal practical knowledge of mathematical concepts and for them, the first part of the paper which is completely dedicated to mathematics could get really tough. If you have the time and money, you can either go for coaching, try to study online for free through websites, or buy books or e- books for self-studying.

Improving your language skills, particularly English, could always be of great importance, not just in the NDA Exam but also in other fields of life. Language can act as a medium to express emotions, feelings, and information, it could be useful only if you know how to harness its power.

Mathematics is a subject which requires practical application in order to understand it in a proper way, practicing one or two times won’t help, try to practice on each topic until you feel you are perfect with it. Do try to look for tough questions, easy questions would only make you ignore the level of difficulty of the subject and its topics.

Subjects like Physics and Chemistry require a deep understanding and would require some practice similar to mathematics. However, these subjects can get really interesting once you have the knowledge about them, and to discover and obtain knowledge in a fun way, you could have a look at some youtube channels like Minute Physics and Periodic Videos.

Having the knowledge of important things happening around the world could be very helpful in daily life, and could also be put to good use in exams. Try to obtain news and information on important fields such as Politics, technology, and historical events as much as possible.

Normally people like to keep away their smartphones and other distracting stuff away from themselves during the time of entrance exams. Yes, it is very important to remove distractions, but another way to do this is to fill your surroundings with everything related to what you want to do. Using your smartphone for that could be helpful, among social media sites such as Facebook and Snapchat, there are also some educational and news apps which could be really helpful.

Try to read books on various historical events to improve your knowledge, reading books from different authors would be really helpful in giving you different perspectives of the events of the past.

Focusing too much on something could sometimes be hard on the mind, and as a result, it gets clouded. To have some relief, meditation would be the best option. The purpose of meditation is to fine tune your mind in order to look away from the past, stop thinking about the future and focus solely on what’s present in front of you.

Just like it was said in the last point, only do what needs to be done at the present, procrastination only makes you lazier. “There is no tomorrow to remember if we don’t do something today”.

Contributed by Allen Abraham

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