GATE Preparation 2018 should begin early. The more time you have in hand, the better it is. Many students are wondering How to start preparing for GATE 2018? Those who have decided to appear in the GATE 2018 exam, and also selected their paper, must begin preparations now! There are a few points to note before you start preparing. To score high in GATE exam, you need to be focused and dedicated. Hard work is the key to success!

How to start preparing for GATE 2018

GATE Preparation Tips for GATE 2018.

  • The first thing is selecting your GATE Paper. You can appear in only ONE paper. Make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria before you start preparations.
  • Know the syllabus of the exam.
  • Get as many previous year papers as possible. The solved GATE papers are available online as well as offline. You can refer to the GATE Solved Papers for practice and also to understand the exam pattern.
  • Do you know much about GATE? If not, first of all check out about exam pattern, marking scheme and related details. Click Here to know GATE 2018 details.
  • Open the syllabus and see what all topics are to be studied. Compare it to past year papers. You need to analyze importance of topics. Divide the syllabus into three parts – (1) Most important topics in the GATE Syllabus; (2) Less Important Topics; (3) Least important topics.
  • Once you know which subjects are to be studied first, then the next, and so on; chart a schedule. Allot realistic and achievable targets. Mark in your calendar, days when a certain subject should be completed.
  • Simultaneously practice from objective question banks of GATE.
  • Each time you finish a chapter, find out questions of that chapter from GATE previous year papers. Solve them. If you are able to do them well, move ahead to the next chapter. If you face difficulty, revise immediately.

GATE Preparation Guidelines.

  • While studying, try to make notes of important formula, theorems.
  • You must finish the syllabus by November mid.
  • About one and half months time is required for GATE revision.
  • Understanding theory is not enough. You need to be able to solve questions and problems too. So keep practicing GATE questions alongside.
  • Refer to the appropriate GATE study material only for preparation.
  • The last two weeks should be allotted to quick revision. Refer to your notes in this duration.
  • Take online GATE Mock Tests to get hands on experience of the GATE online computer based tests pattern.

Importance of Self Analysis in GATE Preparation.

  • No one will know your strengths and weaknesses better than yourself. Keep a check on the topics you are weak in. If required, refer to more reference books to understand the topics you have difficulty solving problems in.
  • The best way to analyze your preparation is solving mock tests, GATE sample papers and objective questions.
  • There will be numerical answer type questions too in the GATE exam. So your calculations should be absolutely accurate. If you spend 2 minutes in arriving at an answer, take half minute more to check your calculations.

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