Delhi High Court has taken its side on grace marks debate. It has directed CBSE to follow the moderation policy for determining the class 10 and 12 result, this year. The court said, “You cannot play with the future of students,” and ordered Board to provide grace marks wherever required.

A bench headed by Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Pratibha M Singh declined the request of CBSE to withdraw grace marking for determining the result of the exams, already held in March 2017. The bench said, “rules cannot be changed after the game has begun“, indicating that the student who appeared for the exam this year were not informed about the change at the beginning of the session. Last minute change will also increase the anxiety of the students that are already waiting for their result.

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“These children, who have worked so hard and have burnt the midnight oil, are entitled to some stability and the only stability they know is the system. Do not instill insecurity in them. Don’t do it (withdrawal of the policy) this year,” said the bench to CBSE

However, the decision of the court does not mean that it is absolutely against the scrapping of grace marks. HC actually appreciated the effort of the Board to bring uniformity in the evaluation process but said that it is deeply concerned about the timing of the policy implementation. The students who appeared for the exam ‘ought to have been put to notice” by CBSE earlier, rather than at last minute.

The students of class 12 are hoping that the result will be announced in two-three days but looking at the current scenario it seems that there might be some delay in declaration of CBSE Class 12 Result 2017. The moderation policy allows grace marks to students for difficulty and erroneous questions.

However, the policy was widely misused and was not applied in all schools affiliated to the Board. Hence, the Board decided to scrap it. While it seemed like a good move but implementation of it for the current session does not seem so.

Firstly, the prior information was not sent to the student about the scrapping of the policy. However, another important factor is that Indian students have taken conditional admission in foreign varsities, for which they have taken huge education loans.

HC is also concerned that the withdraw of policy now will cause “grave and irreparable financial loss” to the students. Also, it will be a failure of CBSE’s part if the students lose out seats in prestigious foreign universities.

Balbir Singh, a Senior advocate, also added a valid point that the class 10 and 12 results for most of the State Boards have been announced and those students have been given grace marks already. Now,  the removal of grace marks will be unfair for the students of CBSE board, as the other state board students will get a better chance of getting the 10,000 seats in the University of Delhi.

Sanjay Jain, an additional Solicitor for CBSE, argued that no student is expecting increasing in marks at the moment and the withdrawal of moderation policy is being taken to address the issue of ‘spiking marks” effectively.

However, he was shut down by HC which said, “Don’t trouble the children who have given the exams”. Also, one cannot change human nature, human error or psychology, as it was impossible for an examiner who checks thousands of answer sheets to give his or her 100 percent to the process of evaluation.

When will come a time when the implementation of policies will be done without being stepped into controversy? While the students nervously wait for their CBSE result, the ongoing grace marks debate is only creating more confusion.

What do you think about the entire scenario? It seems fair that there should be a uniform system of assessment but do you think it should be considered from this year? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Yhnx for taking the side of moderation…grace marks is very helpful to those students who are looseres in one or two subjects and they need only one or two marks…thnx to the delhi high court…

  2. I had appeared 12 boards n m waiting for the results curiously but grace marks should be given to all according to the difficulty of the sets as the sets did’nt had same difficulty level

    • These lakhs are getting 10Cgpa that means a number of students at same level those with it and those without it
      Therefore it should only be available for weak students who depend upon it

  3. It’s good to have uniformity,but to remove grace marks must be given.First CBSE expects all the students to byheart every single thing that it provides in its books.Second,it wants to ask tricky and unexpected questions every year.Finally,if a paper goes hard for a student and needs to pass,he/she must be given grace marks.Every person has high dreams.If that person is marked as a failure because of his incapability,then he won’t be able to stand anywhere in the world, and as told by HC,it will be a loss too for the CBSE.

  4. it is good to have an uniformity, but withdrawal of moderation policy…implementing on the last minutes… not the way…you should inform about this policy beforehand…not at the last minutes of implementing…as already said “rules cannot be changed after the game has begun“…. grace marks should be given. Don’t do it (withdrawal of the policy) this year

  5. Our future depends on this result nd CBSE can’t take such immediate decision for which the students are not informed earlier. It will break several hearts and minds plz continue the moderation policy this year also as per the order of Delhi high court.

  6. Thank u high court for standing on behalf of those children whose future depends on this result . Although there is nervousness , stress and top of that the scraping of moderation policy made it all . Plz continue wth the grace marks this year !!

  7. Allotment of grace marks for the CBSE students is justified. But this process should also be carried out for other state boards also,otherwise the students of the other boards will suffer a lot ,as they have to face much competition in the admission to the colleges for higher studies.

  8. thank u so much THE DELHI HIGH COURT for taking student side n think about us who r in sports but not in studies like meee….. They had get help in studies. I had given 10th exams this year.


  9. Plz sir tell me the exact date for result announcement…here we are with nervousness and so much excited to know the result of 12 th ….
    Thank you…

  10. i request C.B.S.E board if they really want to help student so plz stop demotivating students.try to disperse practical knowledge among students. stop promoting the habbit of cramming which is the need of the hour. rest i too agree that withdrawing modern policy without prior information to students will b wrong and unjustifiable also

  11. It is not justified to donate grace marks to CBSE students. This practice is neither good for education system nor students. It is also not justified that students were having expection to get marks more than their efforts or they were not informed about not giving grace marks.
    It has been completely fun of education system.CBSE effort is appreciable.

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