The matter related to CMC MBBS 2017 admissions has once again left candidates under clouds of doubt as CMC has put its MBBS and Super Speciality admission on hold. However, to clear the matter, upon asking, the officials informed that CMC has not halted the admissions, it has just been put on hold until matters get cleared up in the court. The institution has opted to temporarily suspend admissions to express its displeasure over common counselling. Until the next hearing, which is in October, the candidates have to wait.

The Institute started awarding its own medical education degrees from the year 1918 and has been following its own model of admission process. In its selection process, candidates undergo a test and an interview. The admission system of Christian Medical College Vellore is enriched with experts in different fields. It has been doing the same for admitting candidates in MBBS programmes as well.

With this twist in admissions, 99 seats in MBBS and 61 in the super specialities remain vacant. The question that arises now is whether the judiciary will bend to demands of a single institution or state and change what has been implemented nation-wide, or will there be a middle path to this ugly debacle.

In its official brochure CMC indicated that admissions to 182 Postgraduate courses were to be done through NEET. As last year as well, CMC admitted candidates through NEET, but they also had a selection process of their own. Following the same code, CMC had conducted its own counselling earlier this year. The matter was dragged into the court and the supreme Court ratified this in favour of the college.

It has been proposed by CMC officials that the government defines merit as marks alone. The college strongly feels that they need a specific separate admission process in place to ensure the quality of students getting admission. They have also laid stress on the high commitment to serving public, leadership skills, and ability to work as part of our team required for doctoral programs.

Majority of the candidates who pass from CMC choose to stay and serve the nation. Students come from all over the country to join CMC. one of the reasons is the heavily-subsidised education that permits the candidates from different backgrounds to take up the privileged courses.

All of it is done by following a 3 day selection process. If this is stopped in the current admission system, then the purpose of the institution will fail. Until anything is cleared, candidates have to wait for further news.

Definitely, the decision is not conducive for the institute as well. This is a loss on the administrative and financial front. Yet no loss can be bigger than the career and future of the youth in India. The aspirants have had enough of the never ending medical drama. It is time that the state and regulating bodies meet half way and decide what is best for the candidates. What is your view on the matter? Is CMC right in seeking exemption from NEET? Or is this an incorrect move at an incorrect time? Let us know your thoughts. Comment below.

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