Few months back, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the restoring of class X Board exam. Hence, the students, who will now take admission in class X will be assessed on the basis of the new scheme.

The Board has not stated any reason for the remodeling of the scheme. However, the depleting performance of the students seems like a sure reason for the same. Also, as per the statistics, more than 50% of the population has already opt the for the Board exams this year.

The new assessment module will evaluate the performance of students on the basis of the Board Examination, as well as Internal Assessment. The exam for each subject will be of 80 marks. Whereas, the remaining 20 marks will be given by teachers after observing the performance throughout the session.

To qualify, the students will be required to score 33% marks in the exam and internal assessment. From the date of declaration of the result upto three months will be given for submitting grievances against internal assessment can be submitted. However, the discretion of the Board will be required for the same.

To optimize the benefits of reintroducing class X board exam, CBSE has also introduced uniform assessment scheme.  Under it, a homogenous assessment and exam pattern will be followed by 18,688 CBSE affiliated schools. It will be implemented from class VI to XI.

The compulsion of Board examinations might seem unfair to some students. However, when looked at the big picture, it prepares students for the competition which they will be facing in life ahead. What are your views on the restoring of class X Board examination? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. The board should have faced out gradually , as the current 10th and 9th Graders are used to the older system and this is undue pressure all of a sudden. If the pattern had to be reintroduce it should have been done from lower grades.

    • Right it’s very difficult for us who are in the tenth standard to face the system so quickly

  2. It’s not fair to hold full book for final exam as Student’s are used for term 1and term 2. This will bring down the pass percentage and students may further out for state syllabus. This is absolutely not at all good decision.

  3. It pressurises the children. As a parent I changed my son from icse to cbse for 9th std in order to allow him to lessen the burden of studies But now he has come to 10th and all of a sudden he has to study the whole book. What’s the difference between the two syllabus??? Definitely we have to put a lot of effort to make them realize..

  4. Very good step taken by CBSE it improves our education level and promotes students to learn seriously.

  5. It’s not a good decision as studwnts will face a lot of problems because of their firet time appearing in board.

  6. Not at all a good step… if the portion was to be increased then we should get some other benefits such as lessening of nb work…or easier question papers or more time to study..
    I as a student don’t support this…
    As I have just passed ninth Grade I know the difficulty level of that Grade and on top of that full Book.. .
    I oppose this decision

  7. In the long run,it will help revamp and put up the education standard of secondary education in India.

  8. Really it is a good step…
    At least it will improve the quality of studying which had been neglected by the stupid CCE pattern…
    But it will really decrease the percentage of marks obtained by students. ..

  9. it is unwise decision from the board to take this decision of full lesson for final assessment as the students are adjusted with previous scheme. the previous schme should be given even to the present 10th class

  10. CBSE board should be independent from the political pressure. it is not fair to change the syllabus and scheme according to the political interest of ruling party. it should be independent like election commission and judiciary. such arrangements are necessary to make it impartial and independent. otherwise, the political parties pressurize the board to take undesirable and unwanted decisions.

  11. Its a very good step taken by cbse and i am also a student of class10 but i cant think that it is a pressure on me

  12. great step taken by cbse … because the students are not taking the studies seriously ecen at 12th standard ….so hopefully this will lead them to built intrest in studies to some extent

  13. Its very precious decision taken by cbse which i really support…..this will improve the students as well as our system of education…….Thumsup””

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