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To the relief of students, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has confirmed that Board exams will be held in March 2018. The proposal to conduct the examination in the month of February has been put on hold, at least for this session.

CBSE was eager to conduct the examination in February so that the moderators could get more time to check the answer sheets. This would have lessened the errors in checking and the more accurate result could have been accessed. However, as per the statement, given by a senior CBSE official to a leading daily, they have now dropped the idea of advancing the board exams in February 2018.

Despite the cancellation of plans, the Board is still aiming to provide more time for checking of answer sheets. To do so, the Board is targets to warp up the examinations in a month by providing less gap between the exams. Even earlier, the Board has mentioned that there is no point in stretching the examination over a period of 40 to 45 days.

The examinations might not begin from March 01, 2018, because of Holi but the Board will surely begin it in the 1st week of the month. CBSE is yet to make an official statement to confirm the month of the exam. The date sheet of class 10 and 12 might be delayed due to polls. The Board has confirmed that it is waiting for the polling schedule of Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, and Karnataka to be announced. Once it is out, the required changes will be made and the date sheet will be announced. The officials have confirmed that the dates for the board exams will not be delayed.

Next year will mark the return of the class 10 board exams for students studying at more than 18,000 schools affiliated to the CBSE. The CBSE class 10 board exam will be conducted after a gap of 7 years. Nearly 16 lakh students are expected to appear for Class X board exams. For class 12th, the expectation raises to 11 lakh. As per the usual course of the Board exams, it is commenced in the month of March and concludes in mid-April. However, the early closure of the examination is also likely to lead to the early announcement of the result.

CBSE will confirm all the speculations in due course of time. However, we would like to know your thoughts. CBSE should conduct the exams in February or March, what do you think? Also, should a student get more or less time between two papers? Let us know your thoughts on the matter. Do comment below.



  1. This tm board exam hv full course so gaps are required between 2 papers for revision and exam should be in mid March and to be continued in April as many schools hv yet not completed the course and revisions are doubted…!
    As per last yr half courses(sem-2) had much gaps between 2 papers…!
    Previously 7-8 yrs before exams had most of textual questions asked in exam and now questions are asked from anywhere within chapters so tm gap is essential between 2 papers.

  2. Not more than 2/3days gap because of more gap student leave the topic for the next day and cannot pay proper attention towards the studies, if there will be a normal gap between two exams the the child would have a kind of stress and he will pay proper attention towards his exams. More gap leads to leniency towards exams and boards cannot b passed without stress. And I hope your own suggestion is perfect because you are more experienced then us so your decision would b perfect for us….. Thank you

  3. Exam should start from march and there should be more gap between the papers. All of my friends want this.So please do this.So that we can score nice grade…

  4. There should be gaps for maths ,science and social science at least for a week for these major subject. Please think about the weak and average student as this time full portion is there please be lenient in correction and set papers considering the weak and average student

  5. Of course the exams should be started in Feb ….so that it can end before holi….we need to enjoy holi ….after a stressful session …I request our case to please start the exams in Feb and end it as soon as possible …❤

  6. the exams shud be conducted in march so that we can get gud revision time with help of teachers… and time gap btw two xams shud be based on no of topics in that particular subject …. so as to get time , at least to revise once

  7. Well the exams can start from march… i have no issues with that. But about the gaps between 2 papers… we need lil more gaps. Since this time its going to be the complete syllabus we need time to revise the textbooks and also time to refer some imp questions/guides.

  8. Exams should definitely start in March. This way there will be just enough time for students to revise the entire course n they can really get gud scores. I think this they deserve since they r lil scared now because of change of exam pattern of complete course. The time span between the exams can be between 3-5 days for revision. May God bless all children n help them get their due for the hard work they r putting in. 👍

  9. Exam should start on March.We need more time for studying our topics especially for Social Science and science. In Social there are 4 books and for studying that 4 books at least we need 1 week full.Please try to understand us we are not machines to study these full topic within a short period of time. We need time to study our please conduct the exam on march,we need time to study

    • You got an entire year Chris. You don’t have to be a machine to cover up that many within a few months (if you are interested to).

  10. The exam should held in the March so that students could have time to study the whole book for the final exams. And the gap between two subjects at least 3-5 days and the 1st exam should be the sst. Because there are more chapter in sst. Around 23 chapters. A student will be mad to revise the 23 chapters in 3-5 days.

  11. I think students need more days to study. They have to study full portion it is not fair.sst contains 4 subjects is it easy to cover up portions?

  12. yes as it is our first time to attend such a system of will b better to give us little more relaxation.. we want exams not in the beginning of february bt it would b better at the end of feb or during early march and regarding gaps between exams students must get atleast 4 to 5 days of gap for maths social studies and science…. this all will help us get excellent grades in the upcoming sha Allah

  13. Exams should be in mid March. The study gap between each paper should be minimum 3-5 days.
    May God always shower mercy on us.(Ameen)
    Hoping for the best…..

  14. I believe in having gap between two consecutive exams in class X in CBSE. For the last 7 years present class X did not study the whole book for the final exam that is from class 2 to class 9. Hence CBSE board is requested to think in the point of view of the students and give 4 to 6 days gap between the exams so that they get time to revise the whole book.

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.