Prime education bodies in India are taking numerous steps to upgrade the education standards. One such amendment has been planned by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). According to the current media reports, the Board has decided to add one more subject to the syllabus and has also sent an application to NCERT for preparing the introduction for the new addition.

The subjected to be added will be completely dedicated to Legendary Param Vir Chakra winners. The students of CBSE affiliated schools will now learn the history and stories of those normal people whose display of bravery and self-sacrifice is beyond great.

Param Vir Chakra or PVC award is the second most prestigious award after Bharat Ratna. The Chakra is awarded to male and female officers from Army, Navy, Air Force, TAM, Reserve Forces, or any other lawfully constituted Armed Forces who went above and beyond to save the lives in the presence of the enemy. The Matrons, nurses, sisters, or etc under the supervision of the Forces are also eligible.

So far, 21 medals have been awarded. Out of these, 14 were posthumous awards. 20 medals awardees are from Indian Army, whereas, 1 is from Indian Air Force. The candidates can check the complete list of 21 Legends, who received Param Vir Chakra from below.

Recently, the Government gave a green signal to the ordinance for building the wall with names and pictures of the PVC winners in colleges and institutes. The idea behind is to make youth familiar with Param Vir Chakra winners stories. Following the passing of the ordinance, CBSE took the decision to add this as a new subject in the syllabus.

If sources are to be believed then the new subject will be added from next year, i.e. 2018. Whether it will be a qualifying subject or marks for it will be added has not been disclosed by the Board yet. The class in which it will be introduced is also undercovers. Through the Board has instructed NCERT to prepare the material for the new subject but it is yet to make an official announcement.

While some consider this as an extra burden, the audience for the motion welcomes the new addition and are glad to be learning about our heroes. What do you think about the addition of a new subject? Do you think CBSE is doing right by adding dedicating an entire subject tp PVC winners or do you think the Board could have added it as a chapter on History book?. Let us know your thoughts on the matter, in the comment section below.

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  1. as a student I can honestly say that there are far more worthy subjects to give students a look into, rather than this. Adding it as a chapter to history is a good idea, but making a separate chapter just burdens us further, with information that will not help us at all in choosing our future careers.

  2. We need to practice before we preach .What kind of eg do politicians who are law makers and law breakers set by their behaviour . This subject should be for those politicians who take undue advantage and behave unruly

  3. This is good move by CBSE / HRD to know about the brave hero’s of the Country, but the same time they should know that we should not over burden our kids with the additional subjects. it will be better to add additional chapter in the class 9 & 10th History book.

    My kids are studying in class 12 & i am closely following there schedule of study, and understand that in class 11 & 12 five subjects are more than enough, however in class 9 & 10th CBSE is already having 6 subject, introducing one more new subject will put additional burden to the students.

    so I urge both CBSE / Govt not to take any step, which will create additional burden to the kids, but in same time they should know about our history & brave hero’s of the country. which can be done to crate on more chapter in history book.

    Good Luck both CBSE & HRD ministry of India

  4. Ya I think so it is good but not for the boards .As for, board year is the most stressful year and giving a burden of a whole new subject is somewhat awkward

  5. It’s a good move by the Board. Students should know these great Personalities as their role models and should remember them for thier lifetime.
    I think this subject should not be considered for marks Sheet otherwise it will be a burden for Sri.

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