Following the decision to restore Board examination for class X, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has now decided to implement uniform assessment, examination & report card scheme. The scheme is applicable from 2017-18. Hence, the students who will be entering class VI to XI will now be evaluated through the new pattern.

The aim of introducing the CBSE New Pattern for Class 9, Class 8, Class 7 and Class 6 is to bring uniformity in the examination pattern, among all the school affiliated to CBSE. Until now, the schools were using numerous varied system for evaluating the performance of the students. The disparity in the system created problems for those students who migrated from one school to another.

Another reason for focusing on uniform examination pattern from class 6 to 9 is to make students familiar with the Board exams. At present, there are 18,688 schools under the umbrella of CBSE. The uniform assessment will also be implemented while issuing the report cards.

“Term Assessment basis with gradual increase in the learning assessment as the students move forward. This would prepare the students to cover the whole syllabus of the academic year and face the challenge of class X Board examination, and would thus, ensure the ‘quality of education’”, states CBSE in the official notice.

Uniform assessment is a two-semester scheme, at the end of which Half-Yearly and Yearly examination will be held. Both the Term 1 and 2 will be of 100 marks, which will include 20 marks for the Periodic Assessment, including the note book keeping. While the remaining 80 marks will be for the performance in Half-Yearly/Yearly marks exam. The passing marks under the system will be above 32.

CBSE New Pattern for 2017-18

Before the uniform assessment, the Board was following the CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. The marks of the candidates were replaced with the 9 point grading system and the entire session was distinguished in 2 SAs and 4 FAs.

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    • Hi,
      As per the released notice Scholastic Assessment. i.e. performance in term exam will only be done. However, Co-Scholastic Activities, Subject Enrichment Activities, Discipline, and Record Keeping will also be given importance. Apart from this, CBSE has not announced any other detail for now.

  1. Thanks…..U r doing a very good job….
    Nw i came 2 know the methods

  2. U have mentioned for class 6th to 8th. What about class 9th and 10th students?? How much %percentage
    of 1st term syllabus is covered in their 2nd yearly exam?

  3. If any student does not obtain qualify marks (33%) over all in the last of the year. what he will promoted for next class or detained in same class ? this is for classes 6 to 8th .

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